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Don't Count On Extra Weight To Help You In Old Age

The notion that being a little overweight could help people in old age is being challenged. Some of the studies in support of the so-called obesity paradox excluded people who lived in institutions, like nursing homes, or were too sick to participate, a critic says.
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Wilson High Learns To 'Love Your Healthy Self'

Wilson High School students got a special health lesson during a "Love Your Healthy Self" health fair at the school Thursday.


Darkness Provides A Fix For Kittens With Bad Vision

Kittens regained sight in a blind eye after being plunged into darkness for 10 days. Researchers say that prolonged darkness may reset the brain to an earlier stage of development, allowing the kittens to recover their vision.
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Ladies In Red: Congresswomen Call Attention To Heart Health

Female lawmakers on Capitol Hill came to work wearing red on Valentine's, not to celebrate the holiday for lovers, but to call attention to the risk of heart disease for American women.


Traces Of Anxiety Drugs May Cause Fish To Act Funny

Small amounts of the drugs that people take end up in wastewater and then in streams and rivers. It's usually not enough to harm the health of humans who swim in or drink the water. But there is growing evidence that pharmaceuticals in wastewater may affect wildlife.

More Women Turn To Morning-After Pill

A study finds those who used emergency contraception were about evenly divided between in their reasons. About half said it was because another contraceptive method had failed and half cited unprotected sex.