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Discovery Of Massive Aquifers Could Be Game Changer For Kenya

The underground lakes were found in the most arid region of a country where 40 percent of the population lacks access to safe water.

What To Avoid At The Orthopedist's Office

Wondering if those glucosamine supplements will help your aching knee? Wonder no more. The nation's orthopedists list five treatments that don't do any good, and might do harm. It's part of an effort by medical societies to push for evidence-based treatments.

Series Reveals Underground Market For 'Re-Homing' Adoptees

A Reuters investigation has detailed the practice of shuffling unwanted children from one set of guardians to another with the government exercising little or no oversight.
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Questions About And The Affordable Care Act

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testifies about the troubled rollout of Diane and her guests explore questions about the launch of the Affordable Care Act and why Medicaid enrollment is surging.


Fast Tests For Drug Resistance Bolster Malaria Fight

Pockets of malaria that are resistant to the frontline drug have recently emerged in Southeast Asia. Health workers worry the problem could spread to Africa. To stay ahead of the parasite, scientists have developed a fast way to detect resistant malaria and map its spread through a community.

Four-Legged Impostors Give Service Dog Owners Pause

People who lack special needs but simply want to keep their pets with them all the time can easily find fake "service animal" certifications on the Web. But those phony credentials can create problems for people with disabilities who legitimately need trained service dogs.

New HIV Cases Spotlight Adult Film Industry's Testing System

Adult film production in California is now suspended after a number of performers tested positive for HIV. Though news of the cases may leave some performers feeling vulnerable, the industry's trade group says its response shows that the system works.

Health Insurance Ads Range From Weighty To Whimsical

States are taking very different marketing tacks to get residents to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. In their own ways, they're trying hard to make insurance appealing to uninsured young people.

FDA Ratchets Down On Prescribing Of OxyContin And Other Opioids

In the latest attempt to stem an epidemic of opioid painkiller overdoses, the FDA tightened prescribing guidelines. The drugs should only be used for patients with severe pain when other treatments have failed, the agency says, not for moderate pain.

Even When Told True Risks, Kids Often Misjudge Them

Ask a 9-year-old how likely it is that his bike will be stolen, and he'll probably lowball the risks — even after you tell him the odds. Researchers say children and teens aren't very good at applying data about on dangers, which may explain their seemingly irrational decision-making.