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Virginia Senate Passes Creigh Deeds' Mental Health Bill

A bill that would extend the term of emergency custody orders in Virginia passed without opposition in the state senate, after an impassioned plea from Sen. Creigh Deeds.


'Lung In A Box' Keeps Organs Breathing Before Transplants

For decades, doctors have transported donor organs chilled on ice in a plain old cooler. But a company is trying to come up with a better way to carry the lifesaving organs. The experimental machines keep hearts beating and lungs moving outside the body.

Fifty Years After Major Report, Surgeons General Work To End Smoking

The first Surgeon General's report on the dangers of smoking came out just over 50 years ago. Now a group of former Surgeon Generals are finding new ways to prevent smoking. Host Michel Martin speaks with two of them: Dr. Regina Benjamin and Dr. Antonia Novello.

The Truth About Miscarriage: Being In 'Gestational Limbo'

Host Michel Martin speaks with Sarah Shemkus about the myths and secrecy around miscarriages. Shemkus recently shared her personal story in a Slate article titled "Losing the Baby: My Week of Gestational Limbo."

Family Planning Squeezed In California By Health Law

As more clients go on Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, some birth control clinics are losing money and looking for creative ways to adapt.

It Takes More Than A Produce Aisle To Refresh A Food Desert

Residents of a Philadelphia neighborhood that lacked a grocer got a new market brimming with fresh fruit and veggies — but that didn't change what they ate, a survey shows. Additional interventions — such as cooking classes and nutrition education — may be needed.

New Heat Treatment Has Changed Lives For Some With Severe Asthma

About 10 percent of people with asthma aren't able to control it with medicine. The procedure delivers zaps of energy that burn off the outer layer of smooth muscle cells in the lungs' airways. That way there's less muscle to contract.

Birth Control And Blood Clots: Women Still Weighing The Risks

The drug company Merck has agreed to settle with thousands of claimants who sued over the contraceptive NuvaRing. Hormonal birth control has never escaped controversy when it comes to potentially serious side effects, so how do women sort through the data and make a decision that works for them.

Dr. Wikipedia: The 'Double-Edged Sword' Of Crowd-Sourced Medicine

A report on health and social media finds that Wikipedia is the "single leading source of medical information" for patients and health care professionals. But not all the articles are accurate. To address that issue, Dr. Amin Azzam requires his fourth-year medical students to revise and publish medical articles on the site.

Stomach Bug Closes Landmark New York Resort

The Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, N.Y., closed Friday afternoon so that cleaning crews from a company that specializes in disaster responses can scour the place after an outbreak of intestinal illness. Norovirus appears to be the culprit.