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The Science of Hunger

Kojo explores the latest research on the science of hunger.

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Virginia Democratic Senator Resigns, Shifting Balance In Medicaid Negotiations

Virginia has been deadlocked on the issue of Medicaid expansion, which has threatened to shut down the state. But with the resignation of state Senator Phil Puckett, the political calculus may have changed.

NPR's Next Version Is In The Hands Of Young Techies

David Greene talks to Wired magazine's Steven Levy about his story on 2.0 and the "tech surge" team that's parachuted in to build it. The next generation launches on Nov. 15.

More And More, Young Women Are Being Diagnosed With ADHD

Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than girls, though both sexes are equally affected. Women are increasingly seeking treatment as young adults.

Hospitals Put Pharmacists In The ER To Cut Medication Errors

Hospitals across the country are hiring pharmacists to work in their emergency departments. The goal is to try to prevent common errors that can cause injury and death.

A Doctor Takes A Look In The Medicare Mirror

Medicare reimbursed the university where I work $45,994 for my services in 2012. What did I do to earn the money, and how do I stack up against other doctors?

For Addicts, There May Be Another Road To Wellness

For decades, inpatient rehab has been one of the go-to treatments for addiction. Instead, a new movement promotes treating addiction as a chronic illness that requires lifelong care.

Gripes About Health Costs Punctuate A Cross-Country Trip

A health reporter traveled across the country and asked people how they feel about health care and health insurance. At almost every stop people complained about the expense.

Former Model B. Smith Reveals Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's Disease

B. Smith was at the center of a successful lifestyle empire that included restaurants, cookbooks, how-to videos and magazines.

A Small Device Helps Severely Nearsighted Drivers Hit The Road

Dustin Jones is visually impaired, but after he got a bioptic telescope he started driving. About 40 states allow severely nearsighted drivers to use this technology on the road.