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A Weight-Loss Device Aims To Curb Hunger By Zapping A Nerve

A surgically implanted device similar to a pacemaker gained FDA approval after showing some weight loss in people who are obese. But people in a study who had sham devices lost weight, too.

Head Of Medicare, Who Oversaw Obamacare Rollout, Will Step Down

Marilyn Tavenner said she was stepping down in February. She joined the Obama administration in 2010 and oversaw the problematic rollout of President Obama's signature domestic program.

Pope, On Visit To Philippines, Defends Catholic Ban On Contraception

Francis, on the second day of his visit to the predominately Catholic nation, called for families to be "sanctuaries of respect for life."

By Making A Game Out Of Rejection, A Man Conquers Fear

Jason Comely's fear of rejection was so strong that he'd become completely isolated. So he set out to get himself rejected at least once a day, every day. Funny thing is, it worked.

Limited Insurance Choices Frustrate Patients In California

California is seen as an Obamacare success story. But tens of thousands of people in the northern part of the state have only one insurer available on the health plan exchange.

WHO Report Details Why Ebola Hit West Africa So Hard

On Thursday, the World Health Organization released a 14-chapter analysis of the Ebola epidemic.

14 Takeaways From The 14-Part WHO Report On Ebola

Angry mobs that targeted health workers. A single funeral that infected 365 people. No isolation wards in Liberia. These are some of the striking points in WHO's new analysis.

This Year's Flu Vaccine Is Pretty Wimpy, But Can Still Help

The vaccine is only about 23 percent effective against the dominant flu strain, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's because the strain mutated slightly.

Why I Left The ER To Run Baltimore's Health Department

Dr. Leana Wen decided to leave frontline medical care to tend to the city of Baltimore's health needs. Geography and circumstance shouldn't determine someone's health destiny, she says.

Prediction: All Predictions About Ebola Are Unpredictable

A million cases by the end of 2014. On the wane in Guinea in August. Coming soon to every major U.S. city. Predictions about Ebola frequently don't come true — and there's a reason for that.