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UnitedHealth Group Says It May Quit Offering Coverage On Obamacare Exchanges

The company says it's losing money on the exchanges, which are an integral part of the Affordable Care Act.

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Saying Goodbye To Building 18 — Symbol Of Neglect For Military's Medical System

At the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Walter Reed's neglected Building 18 became a brick-and-mortar symbol of the troubles wounded soldiers encountered. With the building slated for demolition this month, we explore the history contained within its walls.


Cancer Society Asks Regulators To Limit Insurers' Charges For Key Drugs

Many covered medicines come with high out-of-pocket costs for patients, the American Cancer Society says in a report that calls for restrictions on the tabs insurers can pass along to patients.

If You Follow These Signs, You'll Flush With Success: #WorldToiletDay

Billions of people around the world don't use flush toilets. That's why there are so many signs that explain what to do — and what not to do.

Zika Virus 101: One More Mosquito-Borne Disease To Worry About

It's spread quickly in South America and was reported in Mexico this week. It's not fatal, but there's concern about a potential impact on babies born to infected moms.

In Tennessee, Giving Birth To A Drug-Dependent Baby Can Be A Crime

The state's "fetal assault" law punishes women whose babies are born with drug withdrawal symptoms. Proponents say the law spurs women to seek treatment, while opponents say it deters them.

A Tiny Pill Monitors Vital Signs From Deep Inside The Body

Sensors that work inside the body are gaining new skills. The latest version can track heart rate and respiratory rate, as well as temperature, as it travels through the digestive system.

Premium, Young And Natural: The Turkey Labels We Cluck-Cluck Over

Turkeys these days are often plastered with an array of terms that can confuse and even mislead consumers. Here's a glossary of jargon for the wannabe informed Thanksgiving turkey buyer.

Is Sex Once A Week Enough For A Happy Relationship?

A study of thousands of people, most in committed relationships, finds that having sex about once a week correlates best with happiness and well-being. More didn't turn out to be better.

Here's How An iPhone Helps One Teen (And His Mom) Manage Diabetes

These are the early days of innovation that allows diabetes patients to conveniently and securely gather and share data via a smartphone. One California teenager is an early user of Apple's HealthKit.