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Even A Small Meal For A Doctor Can Tip The Balance For A Brand-Name Drug

Researchers say the time doctors spend with drug company representatives when they are dropping off meals is probably more important than the food in influencing prescription choices.

Silicon Valley's Bloody Plant Burger Smells, Tastes And Sizzles Like Meat

Impossible Foods took a high-tech approach to creating a meat-free burger that replicates the real thing. It's all designed to tempt carnivores to eat less meat. And it's set to hit restaurants soon.

Politics Makes Abortion Training In Texas Difficult

The hostile climate surrounding abortion in Texas has made it hard for doctors in training to learn to do abortions. Professors feel intimidated, and there are fewer clinics where residents can train.

Are Millennials Chocolate Chip-o-crites?

Millennials profess to care about ethical sourcing when grocery shopping. But a study of chocoholics ages 18-35 shows just how different values and behavior can sometimes be.

Hospitals Face New Obstacles In Wake Of Mass Shootings

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Dr. John Hick about obstacles hospitals and emergency responders encounter after shootings.

She Turned The Pyramids Blue — And Got Egyptians To Talk About Autism

Some people in Egypt think autism is a curse. But a psychologist named Dahlia Soliman is determined to change attitudes.

Zika And Children: What Parents Need To Know

So far, data suggest that Zika doesn't pose the same risk of neurological defects to babies and children as it does to fetuses in the womb. But doctors don't know the long-term effects of the virus.
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Do You Know How To Access Mental Health Care?

A new American Psychiatric Association Foundation study found that only 14 percent of individuals using the top D.C. insurers were able to successfully schedule a psychiatric appointment.


Baby Boomers With Hemophilia Didn't Expect To Grow Old

A generation that survived life-threatening bleeds, the HIV epidemic and hepatitis C now nears retirement with an illness that can mostly be safely managed at home — for about $250,000 a year.

Pediatricians Call For More Testing And Tighter Rules On Lead Exposure

Citing growing evidence that no amount of lead exposure is safe for kids, the American Academy of Pediatrics has called for tighter regulations on the amount of lead in house dust, water and soil.