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It's A Necklace And It Could Be A Lifesaver: Wearable Health Gadgets

The challenge from UNICEF: Make a wearable device that can improve health. And the winners are...

Top Silicon Valley High Schools Respond To Rising Suicide Rate

At two top-tier high schools in Palo Alto, Calif., the suicide rate is four times higher than the national average over the last 10 years. NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Hanna Rosin, who's reported for The Atlantic, on what might be behind the trend and how the schools are responding.

For The Most Accurate Read, Where Should You Put That Thermometer?

Intensive care units often take temperatures in the armpit, but those can be off by as much as 1.5 degrees. More accurate (and invasive) internal thermometers can help detect hidden infections.

Could Atropine Eyedrops Help Reduce Nearsightedness In Children?

Atropine, a medication commonly used to dilate the eyes for exams, can slow nearsightedness in children, a study finds. A dilute solution worked, and had fewer side effects like blurry vision.

Prostate Screening Drops Sharply, And So Do Cancer Cases

A decrease in PSA testing came after a controversial recommendation against routine screening. As a result, many fewer cases of the most common cancer to hit men are being diagnosed, research finds.
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Environmental Outlook: Conservation In The 21st Century

As more and more people compete for space, food and water, some environmentalists say we need to rethink our approach to conservation. Join our discussion about what we should be conserving in the years ahead and why.


Now There's A Health Plan That Zeros In On Diabetes Care

The insurer is rolling out a specialized gold-level plan geared to people with diabetes. Aetna says it's aiming to keep down the cost for diabetes care. But it's unclear if the plans are a good buy.

Drink To Your Health: Study Links Daily Coffee Habit To Longevity

People who drank three to five cups of coffee per day had a lower risk of premature death than those who didn't drink, a new study finds. Decaf seems to have the same benefit.

Emergency Doctor: Paris Hospital Saw Unanticipated Number Of Gunshot Victims

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to an emergency doctor who was on the front line of dealing with casualties from the Paris attacks. He says on a normal weekend his ER will usually handle injuries from a car crash, and maybe once a year they will handle a gunshot victim. Friday night, he had 27 patients with gunshot wounds. All of his patients survived that evening.

Study Looks To Provide Consensus On Yoga Poses And Pregnancy

Moms-to-be who practice prenatal yoga say it reduces stress, anxiety and even pain. A study finds that even poses once thought to be off limits to pregnant women are safe.