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March Marks A Crucible For Obamacare As Deadline Nears

Facing a deadline, the Obama administration is desperate to boost enrollment in health care exchanges. Still millions from their goal, they're stepping up outreach and forgetting politics — for now.

Questions Remain About Whether Doctors Can Curb Children's Drug Use

In the absence of evidence about what works best to discourage drug use among teens and kids, doctors are left with their own judgment and clinical experience to fall back on.

Tiny In-Nose Filters Aim To Keep Allergies At Bay

Tiny Nose Filters sounds like a prog-rock band on NPR. But these filters do exist. They're designed to block allergens, and one study says they help. Other allergists aren't yet convinced.

Deadline Nears To Buy Or Switch Obamacare Coverage

People who were stymied by website snafus when trying to sign up for health insurance may be able to get retroactive subsidies or choose a different plan.

As Health Law Takes Hold, Rate Of Uninsured Falls

More people reported being covered by insurance they purchased themselves or by Medicaid. The percentage who said they were covered by employer plans fell slightly.

Casinos, Sites Of Excess, Might Actually Help Families Slim Down

A recent study finds that a casino's expansion was associated with an increase in family income in its community. In turn, that increase in household income helped lead to a decrease in childhood obesity.

Memories Can Go Astray When We Step Outside Our Bodies

Virtual reality can make people feel like they are experiencing the world outside of their bodies. The sensation can make it hard for the people to remember what happened to them.

Why Kids Leave The E.R. With Concussions

Emergency rooms could do a lot more to treat children with concussions, according to a new study in the journal Pediatrics. Dr. Shireen Atabaki, one of the study's lead authors, explains.
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Maryland Legislator Proposes Ban On Sale Of Energy Drinks To Minors

A Montgomery County delegate is pushing a bill that would ban the sale of energy drinks to those under the age of 18.

Of Cigs And Selfies: Teens Imitate Risky Behavior Shared Online

It used to be parents worried that their kids were hanging out with the wrong crowd. Now they need to worry about hanging out with the wrong crowd on Instagram. But do online influences matter?