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Inside The Brains Of People Over 80 With Exceptional Memory

Research into why some people have strong memory well into old age suggests that their brains are different from their peers. Some parts of the brains of "superagers" responsible for attention, thinking and memory seem to be spared the typical age-related shrinkage.

China Reports 13 Bird Flu Deaths; Cases Climb To 60

Health officials in China say they've confirmed 11 new bird flu diagnoses, bringing the number of H7N9 infections to 60, according to the official Xinhua news agency. The virus, which began in eastern China, has now sickened at least one person in Beijing, and two in the central province of Henan.

Scientists Race To Stay Ahead Of New Bird Flu Virus

"The top priority is diagnosis — the capability to be able to pick up this virus, should it emerge outside of China," says virologist John McCauley. Flu researchers are getting started on creating a vaccine, but there are still many unknowns.

Wait For Obamacare Price Tags Could Last Months

In many states the deadlines for companies to file their insurance for sale on new exchanges aren't until late May. Some states with early deadlines have no plans to disclose the rates anytime soon.

Bands Aren't The Only Things That Incubate At Music Festivals

As the start of Coachella this weekend reminds us, tis the season for outdoor music festivals. But great bands aren't the only things these massive, multiday gatherings can foster. Two recent studies document how such events can be breeding grounds for foodborne illnesses that rock your belly.

As New Flu Cases Rise In China, U.S. Steps Up Its Response

Infections with a new flu strain have increased, with three to five cases reported daily. The virus, carried by birds, doesn't appear to spread between people. Still, health officials in the U.S. are preparing to screen travelers and develop a vaccine.
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Virginia Board Votes To Tighten Abortion Clinic Standards

The Virginia Board of Health voted 11-2 to approve new strict regulations that some abortion-rights supporters say would force about 20 clinics to close.