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Online Insurance Brokers Stymied Selling Obamacare Policies

Many independent health insurance brokers were supposed to be able to sell subsidized health care plans starting Oct. 1. But complications with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act have derailed the plan, and the federal government hasn't said when the problems will be fixed.

Doctors Enlist Therapists To Deliver Better, Cheaper Care

Many people don't take their doctor's advice to see a psychotherapist, even when they really need to. So Oregon is experimenting with placing clinical psychologists in medical practices. The goal is to improve patient care and save money. But it means that doctors and therapists will have to change how they work.

Want Your Daughter To Be A Science Whiz? Soccer Might Help

Physical activity has a range of benefits for children, yet many schools have cut back on gym and recess. Now a British study finds that children who were most active at age 11 did better academically through the teenage years. Active girls did particularly well in science, while both boys and girls had better scores in English.

Antibiotics Can't Keep Up With 'Nightmare' Superbugs

On Tuesday night PBS' Frontline will investigate how decades of antibiotic overuse has led to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria. Journalist David Hoffman says that understanding and fighting these bacteria should be a national priority. "A simple scrape on the playground could be fatal," he says.

How Health Law Affects Fertility Treatment, Health Savings Accounts

Over the next few months people across the U.S. will have to make decisions about health coverage. The questions about how that it will all work keep coming in, with people seeking details about available plans and the size of the penalties if they don't comply.
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D.C.'s Medical Marijuana Program Off To Slow Start

The District medical marijuana program has been slow in ramping up, with only 59 patients signed up so far.


Meatless Monday Movement Gets More Veggies On The Menu

In 2003, one of the original Mad Men began working with the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health to encourage people to go meatless one day of the week. In 10 years, the campaign can now point to hundreds of schools and restaurants that promote a vegetarian option on their Monday menus.

Maryville Case: A Parent's Worst Nightmare

Missouri teen Daisy Coleman says she was raped last year by a high school senior after she snuck out of her house. Tell Me More's parenting roundtable talks about the story and how to keep teenagers safe.
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Aging And HIV: An Evolving Public Health Crisis

According to some measures, more than half of the people living with HIV in the United States will soon be older than 50. Kojo explores the public health challenges presented by the "graying" generation of HIV patients.

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Katy Butler: "Knocking On Heaven's Door: The Path To A Better Way Of Death"

About 24 million Americans are helping care for aging parents. One woman's story of how her father's final years led her mother to defy the medical system and meet death on her own terms.