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Camels May Be A Source Of The Middle East Coronavirus

Scientists find the a tantalizing clue about where people may be catching the Middle East respiratory syndrome. Camels on the Arabian Peninsula and Canary Islands show signs that they've been infected with the virus or a close relative.

Swallowing Tiny Magnets Can Lead To Big Trouble For Kids

Researchers found a fivefold increase in cases of kids being treated for injuries from swallowed magnets between 2002 and 2011. Small children were tempted by tiny, ball-shaped magnets. Older kids ran into trouble using magnets to simulate body piercings.

Experimental Malaria Vaccine Shows Promise In Early Trial

In a preliminary study, a new type of vaccine offers strong protection against malaria when given at high doses. The study was extremely small and short-term. But health leaders say they are cautiously optimistic about the approach.

Can Chocolate Boost Brain Health? Don't Binge Just Yet

There's tantalizing — if preliminary — evidence that compounds in cocoa may boost thinking, attention and memory. But headlines on the latest research get it wrong.

Scientists Disclose Plans To Make Superflu In Labs

The proposed studies would essentially create a recipe for a more contagious bird flu. Some scientists worry these viruses could escape the lab and possibly kill millions. But others think the information gleaned from the experiments is critical for keeping H7N9 from becoming a global threat.
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This Week On Metro Connection: Profiles

We returned to the archives this week, to pluck out stories about people we simply cannot forget.


What Makes Good Bacteria Go Bad? It's Not Them, It's You

The bacteria that cause many cases of ear infection in kids and pneumonia in the elderly are usually harmless until activated by distress signals from their human host. When the flu or another virus gives you a fever, for example, mild-mannered pneumococcus can turn nasty.

Obamacare Foes Make Final Push To Stop Health Law's Implementation

Less than eight weeks before the official launch of the new health care marketplaces, the Obama administration is ramping up efforts to encourage people to sign up. But some opponents want young people to pay a fine rather than sign up for health insurance, hoping to harm the new law.

Fix Is In For Congressional Obamacare Glitch

For employees on Capitol Hill, the new health law left some ambiguity as to who will be required to switch from federal worker insurance to health exchanges. For those who will have to switch, it's unclear what sort of employer contributions they can expect into the future.

Redefining Cancer To Reduce Unnecessary Treatment

Sometimes the condition a doctor labels as cancer isn't much of a health threat. Some cancer specialists are now looking at whether it's time to rethink what gets called cancer to lower anxiety and cut waste.