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For A Price, Volunteers Endure Scientists' Flu Spritzes

Even though influenza is one of the most common illnesses, researchers say they still have a lot to learn about it. In a recent study, dozens of volunteers agreed to be infected with the swine flu so doctors could see what happened.
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Learning About The Birds And The Bees... At Sunday School

For teens at River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, much of what they know about sex comes from a rather uncommon place: Sunday School.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Coming Of Age

This week we'll bring you stories of how we grow up, grow wise, and come into our own.


MacArthur Fellow Crunches Data To Streamline Health Care

Dr. Jeffrey Brenner was awarded a MacArthur 'Genius' grant this week for improving health care in one of the poorest cities in America: Camden, New Jersey. Host Michel Martin speaks with Dr. Brenner about his experience, and the national health care debate.

A Medicaid Expansion In Pennsylvania May Take Time

Gov. Tom Corbett hopes to tap into federal money offered as part of the Affordable Care Act to extend Medicaid coverage to more people. But he has conditions. His alternative would require some people to pay an insurance premium and to look for work.
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Getting Outdoors This Fall

If you're looking to get outdoors this fall, there are endless opportunities to paddle, hike, bike or stay in the city and explore a new neighborhood. Join us for tips on ways you can connect with nature or a new neighborhood.


Say What? French Horn Players Run Risk Of Hearing Loss

Nearly half the horn players in an Australian study noticed that they'd lost some of their hearing. Among the younger horn players, hearing tests found that up to one-third of them had noise-related hearing deficits.

MacArthur 'Genius' On Grit, Self Control And Success

Host Michel Martin speaks with psychologist Angela Duckworth, who was named a MacArthur "Genius" Fellow today. Duckworth's research shows how grit and self-control can predict future life success.

Repeated Bone Scans Shed Little Light On Fracture Risk

Many older women get bone scans every two years to look for signs of osteoporosis. But for the vast majority of people, the repeat scans don't detect significant changes. New research suggests it may make sense to stop or slow down on the scans after people have had an initial test.

House GOP Group Forces Boehner To Choose Sides

A GOP group in the House is behind an effort to defund the Affordable Care Act through the process of keeping the federal government funded. Speaker John Boehner may have to choose whether to stand by them and force a government shutdown, or makes a deal with Democrats to avert it. Steve Inskeep talks to former Ohio Republican Rep. Steve LaTourette for insight into Boehner's dilemma.