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The Vegetables Most Americans Eat Are Drowning In Salt And Fat

Potatoes and tomatoes are nutritious and delicious. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture finds that Americans tend to consume way too many of them in unhealthy ways, like french fries and pizza.

Does It 'Suck To Be A Fat Girl'?

A recent episode of FX show Louie raised some controversial questions about women, weight and body image. Did the episode miss the mark? Our panel of writers and bloggers weigh in.

When Doctors Play This Game, You Get Better Medical Care

Who doesn't like a contest, especially if it lets you prove that you're smarter than your peers? When doctors played a game that tests their knowledge, patients' blood pressure control improved.
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Virginia Health Officials Confirm Second Measles Case

A second case of measles has been identified in Northern Virginia. Read on for a list of potential exposures sites.


Medicare May Be Overpaying Hospitals For Patients Who Don't Stay Long

Medicare told doctors to admit patients expected to stay in the hospital through two midnights or longer. Then Medicare said it wouldn't enforce the rules, adding to the controversy.

Without A Marijuana Breathalyzer, How To Curb Stoned Driving?

Legal pot sales are growing in Colorado, and the state has a marijuana DUI blood standard for drivers. But without a pot breathalyzer, it's hard to measure how high someone is.

Should HPV Testing Replace The Pap Smear?

The recent FDA approval of an HPV test to screen for cervical cancer has ignited debate among doctors. Some say the viral test will catch cancers earlier. Others warn it increases needless biopsies.

Lawmakers Seek Delay On Healthy Lunch Rules For Schools

Some in Congress want to give schools more time to comply with a new law to limit calories and fat and add more veggies to meals. But nutrition advocates say it would roll back healthy gains for kids.

CIA Announces Plans To End Fake Vaccination Programs

The phony vaccination programs were used in its spy operations abroad. The decision comes after leaders from U.S. public health schools brought the practice to light.

Poll: Yes To Medical Marijuana, Not So Much For Recreational Pot

Almost half the states have passed laws easing access to marijuana for medical or recreational use. But most Americans have reservations, especially when it comes to access by young people.