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Getting People Out Of Nursing Homes Turns Out To Be Complicated

Some nursing home patients can go home again if they get the right, customized support. But making it happen takes time, even with organizational help from the pros. Some people need home renovations and rides to appointments. Others may need a guard dog — or a new home.

Chronic Insomnia? Hitting The Treadmill Could Help ... Eventually

If you're chronically sleep deprived, don't expect 30 minutes on the elliptical to knock you out tonight. The sleep-boosting benefits of exercise take about four months to kick in for people with insomnia, a study suggests. But perseverance pays off.

Of Neurons And Memories: Inside The 'Secret World Of Sleep'

Think of everything your brain processes in a single day: your breakfast, a stain on a book cover, a meeting at work. If you remembered all those things, your brain would reach capacity. Author and neuroscientist Penelope Lewis says sleep helps sort through the memories that are worth keeping.
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Binge Drinking's Tab Is Higher In D.C. Than Anywhere Else

The individual and societal costs of excessive drinking are higher in D.C. than anywhere in the country—by a lot.


A Safety Checklist To Save Teen Athletes' Lives

Many healthy student athletes drop dead on the field or court every year, especially at the height of summer or at the start of a sports season. Doctors and high school athletic trainers banded together to propose ways to reduce the number of deaths.

Gingrich: Most GOP Lawmakers Have 'Zero' Ideas On Health Care

The former House speaker, who isn't ruling out another bid for the GOP presidential nomination, says his fellow Republicans can't just be negative and "tear down our opponent."

New Drug Study Revives Debate Over Prostate Cancer Screening

Robert Siegel speaks with Dr. Michael LeFevre, professor at University of Missouri Medical school and co-vice chair of the United States Preventive Services Task Force, about how the new drug study revives a debate over the need for a controversial prostate cancer screening tool, the PSA test.

Evidence Supports Pill To Prevent Some Prostate Cancers

Doctors have debated for years whether a drug that curbed the growth of some prostate cancers caused more serious ones to grow faster. Now, a long-term study calms those fears and raises the possibility that a cheap, generic pill could be used reduce prostate cancer risk.
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Montgomery County Sees A Spike In Heroin Deaths

Montgomery County police are warning residents about an increase in drug activity, after an alarming number of heroin-related deaths so far this year.


Industry Ties Raise Questions About Expert Medical Panels

An analysis of 16 recent medical guidelines found evidence of financial ties between key experts and industry. Most of the recommendations expanded the definitions of common illnesses, lowering the threshold for treatment.