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What's Going On In There? How Babies' Brains Practice Speech

It's not easy to scan a baby brain, so scientists used a kind of scanner that lets the infants wiggle at will. They could see how speech sounds activate motor regions in babies' brains.

Why A Village Leader Ordered The Rape Of A 14-Year-Old In India

Rape is illegal in India. But history and tradition make it hard to enforce the law. And in remote parts, rape of a female relative is still considered fair punishment for a man's crimes.

Will Camu Camu Be The Next Amazonian 'It' Fruit?

Camu camu will soon dethrone açai — an Amazonian berry that's made its mark in the crowded health food market. Or so its promoters are claiming. We asked NPR's Brazil bureau to investigate.

Most Employers See A Benefit In Covering Contraceptives

The recent Supreme Court ruling gives employers more latitude in refusing to pay for certain kinds of birth control for employees. But most companies won't go that route, analysts predict.

No School, No Handshakes: Reporting On Ebola From Sierra Leone

NPR's Jason Beaubien is covering the outbreak that began in March and is still going strong. En route to the burial of a 70-year-old Ebola victim, he talked about the impact on the town of Kailahun.

When Work Becomes A Haven From Stress At Home

Moms who worked full time reported significantly better physical and mental health than moms who worked part time, research involving more than 2,500 mothers found.

This Is Your Stressed-Out Brain On Scarcity

When we don't have enough of something — love, time or money — we spend extraordinary effort worrying about how to get by, research shows. The stress of poverty changes the way people think.

Do We Choose Our Friends Because They Share Our Genes?

You and your friends may have more than music and movies in common. Friends typically have more genetic similarities than strangers, researchers say. That may have evolutionary advantages.

Why A Spoonful Of Medicine Can Be A Big Safety Risk For Kids

Parents are used to seeing medication doses in tablespoons or teaspoons, but a study shows that using these units increases the risk that they will give their children the wrong dose of medicine.

Nadine Gordimer: Wise Words About Bettering A Troubled World

She lived in a country where people suffered because of the color of their skin. And she had a knack for saying just the right thing to inspire us to stand up for all the world's needy souls.