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Reviews Of Medical Studies May Be Tainted By Funders' Influence

Researchers often combine the results of many medical studies to evaluate treatments. But when the combiners have a financial interest, the results might be inaccurate, a scientist says.
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What's Behind The Increase In Maternal Deaths In The U.S.

While the rate at which women die during pregnancy or childbirth has fallen in many nations, maternal deaths have been rising in the U.S. over the last fifteen years, according to several new studies. But the mortality rate differs depending on the state. It doubled in Texas from 2000 to 2014, but decreased in California. A look at what's behind the increase in U.S. maternal mortality rates.


Killing Reindeer To Stop Anthrax Could Snuff Out A Nomadic Culture

Zombie bacteria in defrosting reindeer carcasses brought anthrax back to Siberia. Now the government wants to slaughter 250,000 reindeer to stop the spread.

I'm Just Drawn This Way: Teen Finds Gender Identity Through Art

Long before Youth Radio's Desmond Meagley had the words to describe his identity, he used art as an outlet. Drawing was more than a hobby for him; it was a way to find comfort when nothing else fit.

Skip The Math: Researchers Paint A Picture Of Health Benefits And Risks

A Maryland physician teamed up with an environmental scientist to develop a visual approach for helping patients better understand the risks and benefits of medical tests and treatments.

Who Can Haitians Trust To Deliver Hurricane Aid?

There's a debate about who should control the assistance: politicians, aid groups, church groups.

Colorado Wrestles With Ethics Of Aid-In-Dying As Vote Looms

Colorado is the latest state to consider legalizing aid in dying. Residents find themselves struggling with whether assisted death is an act of mercy or a moral slippery slope.

Tax Soda To Fight Obesity, WHO Urges Nations Around The Globe

A World Health Organization report recommends fiscal policies, including taxes, that hike the retail price of sugary drinks to fend off obesity and diabetes — and the related health care costs.

California Fails To Extend Family Leave Rights For Parents At Small Businesses

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes a bill that would have required small businesses to guarantee that employees' jobs would be there for them after they take parental leave.