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When Alzheimer's Steals Your Appetite, Remember To Laugh

Fresh grilled swordfish now tastes like rolled newspapers to Greg O'Brien, an unexpected effect of his Alzheimer's. And shopping without a grocery list is futile. But summer barbecues are still sweet.

Traffic Takes A Tremendous Global Toll, But Cheap Fixes Can Save Lives

It's a global issue, and deaths are often high in the developing world. A new report looks at inexpensive ways to cut down on fatalities.

California Judge Throws Out Lawsuit On Medically Assisted Suicide

The superior court judge says questions raised in the case should be decided by legislatures or voters, not the court. The terminally ill plaintiffs say they'll appeal his decision.

New Study Finds Many Veterans Live With War Trauma Throughout Their Lives

The study says that 40 years after the Vietnam War ended, hundreds of thousands of those vets struggle with mental health problems linked to their battle experiences.

How A Law To Protect Disabled Americans Became Imitated Around The World

In Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, people with disabilities want to know: How can we learn from the Americans with Disabilities Act so we can get on the bus, get married, build a life.

Health Insurer Anthem To Buy Rival Cigna For Nearly $50 Billion

Health insurer Anthem has agreed to buy fellow insurer Cigna for close to $50 billion. NPR looks at what the deal might mean for consumers.

Vietnam War Study Raises Concerns About Veterans' Mental Health

A federally mandated study shows that almost 300,000 Vietnam veterans still struggle with daily health problems linked to the traumas they experienced more than 40 years ago during the war.

Motorcyclists Challenge State Laws Banning Use Of Earplugs

When Tom Varsel rode through Ohio on his motorcycle, he put in some earplugs, and then got a ticket. Wearing hearing protection like earplugs in both ears is illegal in most cases in the state. He's challenging the ban, which is also a contentious issue in other states.
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Fairfax County Finds That A Boost Of Creativity Goes A Long Way For The Aging

Creative Aging programs have taken hold throughout the D.C. region. At one senior center in Virginia, a piano man finds energy in music, and a lady has brought a lot of friends into the program.


No More Hidden Sugar: FDA Proposes New Label Rule

The FDA wants to revamp the Nutrition Facts panels on foods. The labels would have to list how much added sugar the foods contain — and how much it counts against your recommended daily allowance.