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Tiny Magnetic Beads Help Tame Severe Reflux For Some People

Lots of people have heartburn or gastric reflux, and not all of them are helped by medications. A surgical device may help people with severe symptoms, but it hasn't been tested long term.

Pregnancy Hormone May Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Women with multiple sclerosis often find that they have fewer problems when they are expecting. That led researchers to develop an experimental drug based on a hormone associated with pregnancy.
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House Votes To Protect Medical Marijuana Programs From DEA

Medical marijuana programs like the one in D.C. got a huge boost last week when the House voted Friday to bar the DEA from targeting the programs.


Once A Year, Cancer Research News Comes In A Flood, Not A Trickle

The annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology features thousands of presentations but no big news. That's how cancer treatment improves, in small increments.

Measles Hits 20-Year High In U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that measles outbreaks in the United States are now at a 20-year high, with 288 cases reported in the first five months of 2014.

One Wealthy Couple's Mission To Save Marriages, En Masse

An Oprah-endorsed self-help guru and his wife are devoting their weekends — and dollars — to large-scale, group relationship counseling sessions for couples who can't otherwise afford it.

Phone App Might Predict Manic Episodes In Bipolar Disorder

Speech patterns change when people enter the manic phase of bipolar disorder, doctors say. A smartphone app might be able to detect those shifts and improve treatment.

Retired Army Gen. On Shinseki: 'I Don't Look Up To Any Man More'

For more on Gen. Eric Shinseki's decision to step down, Robert Siegel turns to Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the former Vice-Chief of Staff for the U.S. Army.

VA Secretary Shinseki Steps Down Amid Reports Of Systemic Problems

Gen. Eric Shinseki is stepping down as the secretary of veteran's affairs. The decision comes in the midst of growing outrage over scheduling issues in the VA health system.

Shinseki's Apology Punctuates A Long Career Of Service

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki apologized for lengthy waits at VA facilities, saying he's ousting the leaders of a VA hospital in Phoenix, Ariz., after stories about delays in care there. Shinseki's decision to resign marks a muddy end to an illustrious career, which began when he joined the Army nearly five decades ago.