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UNICEF Estimate Of Female Genital Mutilation Up By 70 Million

And 60 million of the cases are in Indonesia, which was added to the survey for the first time — evidence that FGM goes far beyond Africa and the Middle East.
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Understanding The Risks Of The Zika Virus

As parts of the U.S. prepare to contend with the Zika virus, experts are looking for ways to mitigate risk and ensure the public has accurate information. The latest on the spread and risks of the Zika virus.


When Men Get Breast Cancer, They Enter A World Of Pink

Most breast cancer cases are in women, so treatment and support are geared toward them. Men with breast cancer can feel isolated. One man was given a pink ice pack.

A Year On, Did NFL Anti-Domestic Violence Efforts Work?

After a tumultuous season, the NFL condemned domestic violence in its ranks, and put a spotlight on the issue during the last Super Bowl. A year later, it's unclear whether that has made a difference.

Do You Know What 'Vector' And 'Endemic' Mean? We Can Help — Sort Of

When it comes to talking about infectious diseases, researchers have their own special jargon. But even they aren't always 100 percent sure of the definitions.

UNICEF: 200 Million Women And Girls Have Suffered Genital Mutilation

Saturday is the U.N.'s "Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation." The Secretary-General is calling for an end to FGM, and UNICEF has released a report on the prevalence of the practice.

After Ebola, Surf's Up Again In Liberia

Aid workers introduced kids to the support. Now there's an annual competition — canceled last year because of Ebola but back in 2016.

A Voter's Guide To The Health Law Chatter

A law as broad and complex as the Affordable Care Act invites both criticism and praise. Here's a look at some of the claims made on the presidential campaign trail.

Brazilians Have To Learn To Think Like A Mosquito

That's the advice from a biologist as Brazil launches a war on the mosquitoes that are spreading Zika virus.

Families Near The Huge Gas Leak Wonder: Is Home A Safe Place To Be?

Most health officials say the small amounts of benzene and other components of the natural gas still leaking in Southern California are probably not a health threat. Still, some parents worry.