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Flex Those Muscles, D.C.: We're The Fittest City In The Country (Again)

The D.C. metropolitan area has been named the fittest city in the country for the second year in a row in a report by The American College of Sports Medicine.


How Medicare Advantage Investors Profited From Loose Government Lips

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services sent a memo to insurers saying government audit policies could be relaxed, investors privy to the news pounced, sending shares upward.

They're Going Door To Door In The Amazon To See Why People Get Sick

In one of the most remote parts of the Peruvian Amazon, researchers are in the midst of an extensive health census. The study could be key to figuring out the impact of mercury used in illegal mining.

Cellphones Or School? What Makes Kids Around The World Happy

Whether they're rich or poor, kids around the world are generally happy with their lives, an international study finds. But when it comes to liking school, poor children come out on top.

How We Store Food At Home Could Be Linked To How Much We Eat

Could keeping food out of sight be a way to keep it out of your mouth? A new study points to a possible tie between how food is stored, how visible it is in the home and obesity.

Does A Foreign Accent Mess Up Our Memory Of What's Said?

It can be hard to decipher what a non-native speaker is saying. But that might not always be a bad thing when it comes to understanding or remembering, scientists say.

Deaf Jam: Experiencing Music Through A Cochlear Implant

After swapping hearing aids for a cochlear implant, Sam Swiller's taste in music shifted dramatically, from grunge rock to folk. Now scientists are trying to improve how implants relay music.

Addiction Takes A Toll On An Unlikely Friendship

Lance Rice, a recovering heroin addict, became friends with Nina Rossi, whose house he robbed in 2013. The friendship waned after Rice had a relapse, but they still have kind words for each other.

Helping Postal Workers Fend Off An Age-Old Problem: Dog Bites

Los Angeles was the top city for dog attacks on postal workers last year. A training program teaches letter carriers how to protect themselves.

Assault On Salt: Uruguay Bans Shakers In Restaurants And Schools

The tiny nation has some of Latin America's highest rates of obesity, hypertension and heart disease. The capital Montevideo has tried to intervene by making salt on the table illegal.