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Being Thin Doesn't Spare Asian-Americans From Diabetes Risk

Guidelines just out from the American Diabetes Association say Asian-Americans with a typically healthy body mass index can still be running a substantial risk for developing diabetes.

Can I Keep My Marketplace Insurance If I Enroll In Medicare?

While you can keep your private plan after you join Medicare, it may not make much sense financially. For one thing, you'd be disqualified from receiving marketplace premium subsidies.

Baby Thrives Once 3-D-Printed Windpipe Helps Him Breathe

Michigan doctors used 3-D printing to custom-make a splint to prop open Garrett Peterson's defective windpipe last January. He's home with his parents this Christmas, as "normal life" begins.

Is Your Heart Doctor In? If Not, You Might Not Be Any Worse Off

Researchers find that high-risk heart patients in teaching hospitals fared better when their cardiologists were away at national conventions instead of working at their usual jobs. Why?
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Nurses Go On Strike At MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Nurses are staging a one-day strike at MedStar Washington Hospital Center following months of negotiations between MedStar and the labor group National Nurses United.

To Patients With Heart Conditions, It's OK For Your Cardiologist To Take Time Off

A new study says that the mortality risk for patients with certain acute heart conditions was not negatively impacted if they are admitted to the hospital when a cardiologist isn't there. Robert Siegel talks with Dr. Anupam Jena about the study.

When Humans Quit Hunting And Gathering, Their Bones Got Wimpy

Humans have lighter bones than other primates, and that change happened a lot later than anthropologists had thought. Blame our sedentary ways after our ancestors took up farming.

A Family's Long Search For Fragile X Drug Finds Frustration, Hope

There is no effective treatment for the rare genetic disorder fragile X syndrome, so two parents created a foundation to fund research. But they found there's no easy road to a cure.

For Those Suffering Chronic Pain, The Hardest Part Is Convincing Others

Chronic pain affects tens of millions of Americans and for many of them, there is no cure. We hear from three sufferers about what they've lost and what they've learned.

Why Does It Take A Movie Robot To Show What Nurses Really Do?

If TV and movie nurses took care of us when we're sick, we'd be in a heap of trouble. Those images of nutty, slutty and clueless nurses are bad news for the profession, and for patients.