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3 States Counter Obama's Proposal For Medicaid Expansion

States have a year to get full funding for Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. The governors of Utah, Wyoming and Montana are trying to get the money, but their legislators may derail the efforts.

Addiction Patients Overwhelm Vermont's Expanded Treatment Programs

Last year, Gov. Peter Shumlin devoted his entire State of the State address to Vermont's opiate addiction problem. Since then it has expanded treatment, but doctors say demand is outpacing services.

India's Philanthropist-Surgeon Delivers Cardiac Care Henry Ford-Style

With an assembly line of operating theaters in India, Dr. Devi Shetty is determined to deliver affordable health care to anyone in need.

Self-Tracking Gadgets That Play Doctor Abound At CES

A new wave of self-monitoring devices and apps is hitting the Consumer Electronics Show — ones with explicit medical purposes. They promise to help diagnose everything from ear infections to diseases.

Big Data Not A Cure-All In Medicine

Big data is a trendy term for the ever-expanding cloud of information that's online and increasingly searchable. Some researchers say it could change the way medical research is done and the way individual doctors make medical decisions. Others say big data raises too many big questions — especially when it comes to medicine.

How A Position Of Power Can Change Your Voice

Once you become the boss, it's likely that you'll start to speak quite differently. The pitch, resonance and intensity of your speech change in ways that listeners can detect as signs of power.

In The World's Rape Capital, Doctors Fight Violence With Science

A new research center in the eastern Congo is giving doctors the resources to investigate the causes and impacts of rape — and to determine which interventions actually help women recover and thrive.

A Restraining Order Can Be Just A Videoconference Away

A New Jersey hospital has partnered with local courts to protect injured victims of domestic violence. A videoconferencing system lets patients file for restraining orders from their hospital beds.

Sleeping Near A Smartphone Can Disturb A Child's Rest

Lots of children have smartphones tucked under the pillow or on the nightstand. That may be enough to compromise sleep and make children feel less rested, a study finds.

What Heroin Addiction Tells Us About Changing Bad Habits

Sure, you resolve to exercise more, but somehow it never happens. It could be that your environment is sabotaging you, psychologists say. A famous study about heroin and the Vietnam War explains how.