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How Does A City Stop 4 Million Smokers From Lighting Up?

A few years ago, smoking was so common in Beijing that doctors, nurses and patients would even puff away in hospital hallways. Now the city is trying — again — to ban smoking indoors. It isn't easy.

Obama Defends Health Care Law As Supreme Court Ruling Nears

President Obama defends the health care reform law as the Supreme Court prepares to issue a ruling in a case that could dismantle it. The law still remains controversial politically.

Costs Of Slipshod Research Methods May Be In The Billions

Up to half of all results from biomedical research laboratories these days can't be replicated by other science teams. Why not? Myriad flubs slow progress in the hunt for cures.

U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Texas Abortion Restrictions

A U.S. appeals court upheld sweeping abortion restrictions in Texas on Tuesday, putting many of the state's clinics at risk of closure.

The Hard Work Of Waiting For A Hand Transplant

Kevin Lopez was born missing the fingers on his right hand. Now 20, Lopez has been on a waiting list for a hand transplant since turning 18.

To Beat Insomnia, Try Therapy For The Underlying Cause Instead Of Pills

A review of the medical evidence finds that therapy can break the cycle of chronic sleeplessness by addressing the anxieties that cause many people to stay awake.

Some States Make Obamacare Backup Plans, As Supreme Court Decision Looms

A Supreme Court ruling could threaten health insurance subsidies in about three dozen states. But many states aren't sharing contingency plans lest they be seen as supporting Obamacare.

As MERS Outbreak Surges, Genetic Tests Show Virus Hasn't Mutated

So the spread of the Middle East respiratory syndrome in South Korea is probably due to other factors, such as a delayed response to the outbreak and poor infection control at hospitals.

Online Health Searches Aren't Always Confidential

Searching a medical issue on the Internet seems harmless enough, but one researcher found that online medical searches may be seen by hidden parties, and the data even sold for profit.

Insurer Uses Personal Data To Predict Who Will Get Sick

A Philadelphia health insurance company analyzes its clients' health data and other factors to find the frailest and assign them health coaches. That may improve health, but is it a breach of privacy?