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Breast Milk Sold Online Contaminated With Cow's Milk

We're not talking about just a smidge. Roughly 10 percent of samples tested contained at least 10 percent cow's milk. Doctors say the diluted milk could be dangerous for babies for several reasons.

Will A Transplanted Hand Feel Like His Own? Surgery Raises Questions

A 20-year-old man born without fingers on one hand hopes a transplanted hand will give him more confidence. He knows the risks of such a visible transplant, but says, "It's something I always wanted."

Tracking Your Own Health Data Too Closely Can Make You Sick

Why not check bloodwork a few times a year as some celebrities advise? Because too much testing can lead to false positives (and abnormalities that don't threaten health) and to unnecessary treatment.

Women Having A Heart Attack Don't Get Treatment Fast Enough

Women under 55 are twice as likely to die after being hospitalized for a heart attack than men. Women delay treatment because they may not recognize the symptoms and they're reluctant to make a fuss.

Maybe You Should Skip That Annual Physical

Americans spend billions of dollars every year on annual physicals. But there's little evidence that a yearly checkup helps healthy adults. Some doctors are telling patients to skip it.

Puberty Suppression Now A Choice For Teens On Medicaid In Oregon

Medicaid in Oregon now pays for medication to suppress puberty in teens who may want to change their gender. Oregon officials decided the benefits outweigh possible trade-offs of stopping puberty.

In Rural Virginia, Truckers Can Stop For Coffee And A Physical

Fewer than one in five doctors has a solo practice these days. But one physician in Virginia saw an opportunity to keep his practice and treat an under-served group of patients: long-haul truckers.

Drinking With 'Mad Men:' Cocktail Culture And The Myth Of Don Draper

The culture of retro cocktails that the show helped reignite is intriguing, considering how much of Mad Men is actually about excessive — even abusive — drinking.


When It Comes To Insurance, Mental Health Parity In Name Only?

Many insurance providers that offer mental health care are supposed to cover it just as they would cancer or diabetes care. But advocates say enforcement is a problem.

Improving Mental Health Via Social Network

NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Robert Morris, the creator of Panoply. It's a social networking app whose purpose is to help people suffering from clinical depression.