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The World Is Running Out Of A Critical Snakebite Antidote

If a venomous snake bites you in Africa, you're likely to survive when you're near a hospital. That might not be the case next year.

The Problem With Teens Is That They're Just Too Rational

Teenagers aren't always risk-taking gamblers; they put a lot of effort into weighing financial choices, a study finds. Adults are more apt to adopt rules and quickly make choices that are good enough.

Baltimore Fights Heroin Overdoses With Antidote Outreach

Fatal overdoses are rising among an estimated 19,000 people who use heroin in Baltimore. To curb deaths, the city's health commissioner aims to make an antidote widely available to drug users.

Do City Dogs Dream Of Chasing Country Sheep?

Many people spend summertime in the great outdoors, enjoying simpler living. Reporter Fred Mogul took his city dog to a farm in Pennsylvania to see if she might enjoy exploring her shepherding roots.

A Physician Asks: Is Being Black Bad For Your Health?

Damon Tweedy discusses race and medicine in his new memoir Black Man in a White Coat. "There's been a long history of African-Americans being mistreated by the health care system," he says.

Treatment From Brain Tissue May Have Spread Alzheimer's Protein

Eight people who received growth hormone treatments made from human brains died decades later from a rare disease. Some also had brain damage similar to that seen in Alzheimer's, autopsies reveal.

Class Divide: Are More Affluent Kids Opting Out Of School Lunch?

Healthier school lunches are reaching more needy kids, but more kids who could afford to pay full price seem to be brown-bagging it instead. That's why some schools want to loosen nutrition rules.
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Using Brain Science To Understand The Terrible Teens

How the latest in brain science is changing our understanding of the teenage years.


How Many Children Under 5 Die A Year In The U.S. Vs. Angola?

A new report emphasizes significant progress in cutting the number of deaths of children before age 5. But in some parts of the world, the rate is still depressingly high.

Cellphone Records Could Help Predict Dengue Outbreak

A team of researchers recently found that mobility patterns revealed by cellphone data let them accurately model the spread of a large dengue outbreak in two regions of Pakistan in 2013.