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How Does The Federal Health Law Affect Insurance Price Hikes?

The health law requires insurers to disclose price increases of 10 percent or more, but states have widely varying powers to regulate those hikes.

Montana Mom's Ab Challenge Becomes A Phenomenon

Working your abs hard for 30 days may tone those muscles, but don't count on an exercise program by itself to take off belly fat. Staying motivated after a month is over is another problem.

Overburdened VA Shelves Ad Campaign To Attract More Veterans

The VA is rethinking its outreach, and is pausing a $4 million ad campaign. The problem: outreach might bring more veterans into a system that's struggling to handle who it is already serving.

Entrepreneurs Buzzing Over Medical Marijuana In Florida

Polls show that Sunshine State voters are likely to approve a measure legalizing medical marijuana in November. Businesses are already flocking to the state, eager to set up shop.

Microwave Helmet Could Diagnose Strokes As Patients Ride To Hospital

Strokes come in two varieties, and drugs that treat one type can be deadly for the other. An experimental device could help get the right treatment to patients while they're still in ambulances.

Power To The Health Data Geeks

There's a gold rush on in health information technology. Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are betting on companies that aim to help consumers, insurers and providers save money.

Father Devises A 'Bionic Pancreas' To Help Son With Diabetes

Insulin monitors and pumps are getting better, but a person with diabetes will tell you they're far from ideal. Potential solutions include one that delivers two hormones to control blood sugar.

In London, An Underground Home For The World's Mosquitoes

The location is a cavern beneath the streets of London, but it looks like a horror movie set in the tropics. Mosquitoes from all over the world live here in the interest of science.

When Cop Calls Involve The Mentally Ill, Training Is Key

Increasingly, law enforcement has become the first line of contact for people with serious mental illness in crisis. Approximately 10 percent of police calls involve someone who is mentally ill, and how officers handle these calls can make the difference between life and death. Michael Woody, retired police officer and president of CIT International, talks with NPR's Arun Rath about what he has learned about how to best handle those situations.

Cancer When You're Young Isn't Always 'The Fault In Our Stars'

We asked teenagers and young adults if the movie gets close to the reality of living through cancer. They said the loneliness, yes. The Hollywood hair, not so much.