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D.C.'s Health Care Exchange Is Now Open — Hopefully With Fewer Glitches

The enrollment period is now open for residents shopping for health insurance through D.C.'s health care exchange, and the experience should be less stressful than last year, according to the exchange's director.

From Gray Lady To Purple Carrot: Bittman Adds Spice To Vegan Meal Startup

Bittman left a gig as The New York Times' influential food writer to join a meal-kit delivery firm that wants to make it easier for people to eat plant-based meals at home.

In Reversal, Death Rates Rise For Middle-Aged Whites

A rise in suicides plus an epidemic of overdoses from prescription painkillers and heroin are key factors that have undone a long-term improvement in death rates. A weak economy may have contributed.

Scaring People Can Make Them Healthier, But Isn't Always The Way To Go

Fear campaigns can motivate people to quit smoking or eat less. But fear mongering can go too far. When is scaring for health's sake acceptable, and when is it distasteful?

He Sometimes Crawled To School, He Plays Soccer On A Scooter

Polio paralyzed Sani Muntari as a child. That didn't keep him from school or off the soccer field. And he's played a key role in making Nigeria polio-free.

Move Over, Yellow 6. More Natural Colors From Plants Are Coming

From purple carrots and cabbage to grapes, the food industry is finding new ways to derive natural colors from plants. It's happening just as consumers are pushing Big Food to ditch artificial colors.

Texas' Changing Relationship To Obamacare

Many Texans still oppose the ACA even though the state is home to the most uninsured in the country. But more people and business groups are starting to feel the effects of not supporting the law.

What Happens If You Try To Prevent Every Single Suicide?

The suicide rate has increased in the past decade, despite the best efforts of hotlines and prevention programs. A Detroit health plan set a zero suicide goal among its members — and achieved it.

Know The Signs: For Some, Post-Pregnancy Is Anything But Magical

Nine years ago, Paige and Bjorn Bellenbaum were excited to have their first child. But Paige quickly began to struggle with postpartum depression — and neither of them realized she needed help.

Rising Temperatures Kick-Start Subarctic Farming In Alaska

Producers and consumers in southwestern Alaska see one upside to climate change. It's now possible to farm in parts of the tundra where agriculture was unheard of just a few years ago.