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If You Shouldn't Call It The Third World, What Should You Call It?

There are many ways to refer to the parts of our planet where people lack decent health care, education and services like electricity and clean water. And just about every label has its problems.

Paralympic Champion Makes The Case For Meningitis Vaccine

Amy Purdy lost both legs below the knee to meningitis at age 19. She's now using her cred as a champion snowboarder to encourage teenagers to get vaccinated.

Rural Doctor Launches Startup To Ease Pain Of Dying Patients

Getting basic health care to rural areas has always been difficult, and delivering specialized care even harder. One doctor is raising money to bring palliative care to patients in rural California.

Needle Exchange Program Creates Black Market In Clean Syringes

Some drug users in Philadelphia are reselling syringes they get for free at needle exchanges. That's illegal, but researchers say the practice still helps prevent the spread of diseases like HIV.

U.N.'s Anthony Banbury: Zero Cases Of Ebola Is The Only Option

Anthony Banbury is stepping down as the head of the U.N.'s Ebola mission. He says the Ebola can't become entrenched in West Africa. And he thinks the fight is heading in the right direction.

Our Most Popular Stories Of 2014: Ebola ... And Bed Rails?

In July, the Goats and Soda blog was born. We came into a world obsessed with Ebola. But our readers also loved stories about chocolate, bed rails and jet-setting viruses.

A Resolution For Foodies Who Want To Do Good: Pick A Campaign

Want to change the food system? You can vote with your fork, but you can also support a campaign that's confronting the problems head on.

Researchers Create Artificial Organs On Microchips

Scientists are growing mock organs made of human cells to better study diseases and help test drugs. Researchers at Johns Hopkins are working on a gut-on-a-chip.

Flu Vaccines Still Helpful Even When The Strain Is Different

The influenza season is under way and experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn it may be particularly severe. We have an update on the flu and what you can do to protect yourself.

How Will You Work Out When CrossFit Is No Longer Hip?

Fitness programs typically don't have much staying power. People are already saying adios to Zumba and Pilates. The cheapest and simplest routines are more likely to be keepers. Think down dog.