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Spike In ER, Hospital Use Short-Lived After Calif. Medicaid Expansion

Previous research found that going on Medicaid increased a poor person's use of costly emergency room visits. Now an analysis suggests that initial spike in ER visits quickly tapers off.

3-Year-Old Ebola Survivor Proposes To Nurse

And she says yes! Ibrahim is one of three brothers who lost their mother to Ebola — but survived. While waiting to be reunited with his dad, the little boy fell in love.

Take Your Medicine, Tap Your Phone And Collect A Prize

Apps offer games and rewards to keep you taking your prescription medicine. While rewards may not be for everyone, they could give some people a helpful motivational boost.

White House Appoints An Ebola 'Czar'

President Obama has selected former White House adviser Ron Klain to coordinate the U.S. response to the deadly disease.

Just Seeing Charts And Graphs Makes Drug Claims More Credible

Graphs look so impressive. Even graphs that include no new information made people more likely to think that a drug is effective, a study finds. Can you inoculate yourself against that bias?

World Bank Head On Ebola: Put The Fire Out Where It's Raging

World Bank President Jim Kim believes the world has moved too slow in battling Ebola. And closing off travel from West Africa, he says, is not the answer.

Silicon Valley Companies Add New Benefit For Women: Egg-Freezing

The addition of the benefit by Facebook and Apple comes as tech companies face mounting pressure to hire more women, but some warn it may increase pressure those employees feel to put off having kids.

Ebola-Stricken Nurse Appears Well In Video

Nina Pham, 26, was filmed before being flown by executive jet from Dallas to Frederick, Md., and then transferred to the National Institutes of Health hospital in Bethesda on Thursday.

Corporate Egg Freezing Offers May Send The Wrong Message

Apple and Facebook now offer egg freezing to female employees. Audie Cornish talks to Emma Rosenblum, an editor at Bloomberg Businessweek, about what the move means for women's careers.
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Citing Ebola Concerns, Va. Lawmaker Calls To Restrict Dogs From Travel

After public health officials transferred Ebola patient Nina Pham to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, one Republican lawmaker in the region is calling for a travel ban that includes dogs.