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In Surprise Move, Supreme Court Takes On Fate Of Obamacare Again

Is it legal for a state-sponsored health exchange to provide subsidies that help people pay insurance premiums? That's the point in question, and one that's still being considered by an appeals court.

Electronic Medical Records, Built For Efficiency, Often Backfire

Computerized prescription orders are one real advantage. Clicking checkboxes on screen after screen not so much.

Guinea Is Seeing More Ebola Cases: Can The Trend Be Stopped?

The country where the outbreak began is now seeing an uptick in the number of new patients. Marc Poncin of Doctors Without Borders explains why — and what's being done to bring things under control.

How A Tilt Toward Safety Stopped A Scientist's Virus Research

The U.S. government has stopped some experiments with dangerous viruses, saying the risks need to be reconsidered. Key work in one scientist's lab has been halted.

Flu Season Brings Stronger Vaccines And Revised Advice

Health officials estimate that every flu season, 1 in 5 Americans will get the bug. This year, changes in flu vaccines and in federal guidelines could help those most susceptible to the virus.

Republicans' First Order Of Business May Be Chipping Away At Obamacare

Now that the Republicans control the House and Senate, they've got their eyes on the Affordable Care Act. Which parts will President Obama veto and which parts will he inevitably have to give up?

Fewer Babies Are Born Prematurely, But Many Still Suffer

The rate of premature births in the United States has dropped to 11 percent, showing continued progress in preventing the risks of prematurity. But there are big disparities among the states.

If You Think You'll Never See A Poem About Malaria, You're Wrong

In a new collection, a mixed martial arts fighter-turned-poet exposes the social and medical challenges caused by malaria in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Alexandria's Apothecary Museum Offers Time Capsule Of Early American Medicine

The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum was once a drugstore, serving the likes of Robert E. Lee and Martha Washington, now it's a time capsule to the past.


Sideline Robot Helps Trainers Spot Football Concussions

It's common for some clinics in rural America to consult medical specialists by video for difficult cases. Dartmouth is testing a robot that connects trainers to a neurologist who is miles away.