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Speeding Up Yeast's Evolution And What It Says About Cancer

Scientists in California report they are using the rapidly reproducing organism to track evolutionary changes. The twist is that the new work on evolution has implications for human cancers.

The Gentle Cesarean: More Like A Birth Than An Operation

The goal is simple, the techniques easy. Let the mother see her baby being born, if she wants to, and give her the baby immediately following the birth, so they can bond before the baby is taken away.

People With 'Invisible Disabilities' Fight For Understanding

In employment disability discrimination charges filed between 2005 and 2010, the most commonly cited disabilities were those not immediately obvious to others.

A 12-Year-Old Girl Shows Us What It's Really Like To Face TB

After you hear her story, you'll never think the same way about the disease. That's the goal of Visual Epidemiology, a company that makes videos about individual battles instead of the big picture.

Supporting A Spouse With Alzheimer's: 'I Don't Get Angry Anymore'

Mary Catherine O'Brien says when she first married her husband Greg in 1977, he was funny and outgoing. Alzheimer's disease has stolen much of that, she says, but the two are closer than ever.

Having Loved And Lost, One Man Takes On Medical Malpractice In India

It's a country whose people are reluctant to report malpractice. But when a doctor prescribed "an astronomical dose of the wrong steroid" to his wife, Kunal Saha was determined to blow the whistle.

Voluptuous Veg: Can Food Porn Seed Lust For Healthy Eating?

Tempting-looking spoonfuls of chocolate are plentiful online. Beautiful Brussels sprouts? Not so much. A campaign aims to boost the number of these images and whet our appetites for healthy foods.

FDA Approves First Of New Type Of Generic Drugs

So-called biosimilar drugs closely mimic existing drugs but are made from living cells, blood components and tissue. In some cases, they could substantially reduce the cost of drugs.

Federal Rule To Extend Medical Leave To Same-Sex Spouses In All States

The Labor Department rule guarantees legally married same-sex spouses can take unpaid time off to care for one another or sick relative, even in states thatdon't recognize the marriage.

Volunteer Recap: Connecting Moms To Midwives In Timor-Leste

A global health student from Seattle went to the tiny country to study maternal health. But she also learned how to be more friendly to her neighbors.