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Baby's Necklace Could End Up Being A Life Saver

In countries like India, where vaccine records are kept on paper, kids often miss a dose — with potentially fatal results. Now some Yale students have come up with a high-tech (and cheap) solution.

World's Slow Response To Ebola Leaves Sierra Leone Villages Scrambling

With the number of new infections reaching a record high, there's no time to wait for international aid to build perfect Ebola treatment centers. So village leaders are making do with what they have.

Caring For AIDS Patients, 'When No One Else Would'

Ruth Coker Burks has no medical training but has spent decades caring for people with AIDS. "I've buried over 40 people in my family's cemetery," she says, "because their families didn't want them."

Who Made That Flavor? Maybe A Genetically Altered Microbe

Biotech companies are inserting new genes into microorganisms, turning them into tiny factories to produce valuable nutrients and flavors. But many of them don't want to talk about it.

Unhappy Toy Story: Foot-Powered Scooters Drive ER Visits

A look at injuries that sent kids to the emergency room shows an Everest-like mountain of problems with scooters. After falling slightly from a 2001 peak, the scooter injuries started to rise again.

Ferguson Psychologist Describes Helping Residents Through Trauma

Audie Cornish talks with Dr. Marva Robinson, a clinical psychologist who has been working with people in Ferguson, Mo., to help them recognize signs of psychological trauma and to deal with the trauma they've experienced.

This Year's Flu Season Could Be A Bad One

The most common strain of flu virus circulating this year tends to cause a lot of serious illness and more deaths than usual. It's also not a great match for this year's flu vaccine.

Is The Food Babe A Fearmonger? Scientists Are Speaking Out

The food system is awash in chemicals and additives. One woman has made a career out of investigating them. But a cadre of critics says she's creating more confusion than clarity about food.
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Former Homeless Man Works To Give Hope To Baltimoreans On The Fringe

Thomas Hicks was homeless for years. Now he's trying to help others in similar situations.


CDC Warns That The Flu Season May Be A Bad One

The main flu strain circulating now tends to send more people to the hospital than other strains. It also causes more deaths, especially among the elderly, children and people with health issues.