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The Spreading Enterovirus Is Different Than Previous Years' Strains

Hundreds of children across the U.S. have been sickened by a respiratory illness caused by a virus known as enterovirus D68. Some of the patients have experienced paralysis of limbs.

U.S. Hospitals Redouble Efforts To Prep For Ebola

Another Ebola infection in Dallas has raised some concern among nurses and other health workers in hospitals around the country who worry they may not be equipped to deal with the crisis.

Ebola Screening At JFK Airport Flagged 91 Travelers; None Had Virus

In the wake of the first case of Ebola being contracted in the U.S., CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden discusses plans to stop the disease and apologizes for an implication some saw in his remarks Sunday.


A Polar Bear Might Keep The Measles Away, But Shots Work Better

Sophie Blackall, illustrator of the best-selling Ivy and Bean books, has enlisted her heroines in the effort to eradicate measles. They decide that a shot is more practical than moving to the moon.

'Breach In Protocol" Suspected In 2nd Texas Ebola Case

The first case of Ebola to be diagnosed in the U.S. has led to the first transmission of Ebola from one person to another in this country. It happened in Dallas where Thomas Duncan was being treated.

In Hopes Of Fixing Faulty Genes, One Scientist Starts With The Basics

Jennifer Doudna used to worry that her science wasn't doing anything important. Then some basic research led her team to a discovery that could one day be crucial in healing some genetic diseases.

A Benefit For Rural Vets: Getting Health Care Close To Home

Veterans in some rural areas have to travel hundreds of miles on empty interstates to get health care, losing a day of work or sometimes two. A new program lets them see nearby doctors instead.

On Front Lines Against Ebola, Training A Matter Of Life Or Death

At least 7,000 health care workers are needed to staff new Ebola treatment centers in Liberia alone. Those doctors, nurses and hygienists must learn how to protect themselves — and how not to panic.

Training Is Key In Lowering Risk For Health Care Workers Treating Ebola

NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Dr. Suzanne Donovan, an infectious disease specialist at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, about the risk of infection for health care workers treating Ebola patients.

Liberian Singers Use The Power Of Music To Raise Ebola Awareness

Early on in the epidemic, the government and aid agencies commissioned songs that just ended up terrifying people. But the newer songs on the radio are catchy and danceable — as well as informative.