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Couples Who Use Contraception Have More Sex

It's funny, family planning researchers aren't that comfortable talking about ... s-e-x. But two of them did in a study about the impact of contraception on "coital frequency."

Would You Tell The World You Have Schizophrenia On YouTube?

Rachel Star Withers decided to let people know what was going on inside her head: the hallucinations, the voices. She says going public has helped her deal with schizophrenia and helps others, too.

Teaching Parenting Skills At Doctor Visits Helps Children's Behavior

Using video to teach good parenting habits when children are babies leads to better behavior in kids later on, a study finds. The program is aimed at helping children in low-income families.


Do-It-Yourselfers Face Penalties Over Their Cut-Rate Health Insurance

People sometimes put together policies, such as short-term and critical illness plans, instead of buying more expensive health coverage. But they likely will be penalized under the federal health law.
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A Grand Jury Indicts Two Abortion Opponents Who Made Undercover Videos Of Planned Parenthood

A grand jury in Texas investigating Planned Parenthood instead indicted two abortion opponents who made undercover videos of the organization. We discuss what makes an undercover investigation criminal and the ongoing political battle over Planned Parenthood's role and funding.


President Obama Wants More Funds To Feed Low-Income Kids In Summer

The president will propose in his 2017 budget that families who qualify for subsidized school meals receive benefits to buy an extra $45 in groceries per child each month when school is out.


Big Zika Virus Outbreak Unlikely In The U.S., Officials Say

The spread of Zika is probably limited by window screens and other mosquito-control measures in common use in the U.S. Also, the primary mosquito that carries Zika has a somewhat limited range.

New Jersey River Polluters Fund Toxic Fish Swap — But There's A Snag

Passaic River polluters are telling local fishermen to trade contaminated catch for healthy tilapia. But there's no disposal plan for the toxic fish, and residents don't want them to be incinerated.

Anti-Abortion Activists Indicted On Felony Charges In Planned Parenthood Case

A grand jury in Houston has returned indictments against two members of a group that targeted Planned Parenthood with a string of undercover videos last year. The felony indictments are a twist as the panel was originally tasked with investigation the group's claim that Planned Parenthood was selling fetal tissue.

Depression Screening Recommended For Pregnant Women, New Mothers

An independent task force chartered by the federal government says pregnant women should be screened for signs of depression both during and after pregnancy.