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About A Third Of U.S. Kids And Teens Ate Fast Food Today

Kids' fast-food habits haven't budged in the past 15 years, a study by the CDC finds. The marketing, cost and taste of fast food still seem to have a hold on America's youth.

As Grapefruit Withers Away, Americans Lose Touch With The Superfood

Wither the grapefruit? Back in its heyday, the average American ate almost 25 pounds of it a year; now, that number is closer to 5. So, why aren't we eating grapefruit anymore? We look for answers.

What Happens When You Get Your Period In Space?

Scientists spent decades arguing that women weren't suited for space travel because of menstruation. Even now, a lot of us are wondering how astronauts manage that time of the month.


Why A Snakebite Victim In An Indian Village Won't Walk Through A Door

When doctors travel to remote regions, they have to understand local traditions and beliefs before they can successfully treat a patient.

Why India Is A Hotbed Of Antibiotic Resistance And Sweden Is Not

In the developing world, antibiotics are now being overused — just like in the U.S. So antibiotic resistance is a growing global issue. But some countries have figured out a solution.

Do You Really Need Antimicrobials In Your Soap?

Triclosan is no better at getting germs off your hands than plain old soap, a study finds. Manufacturers are responding to safety concerns about that antimicrobial by switching to others.

CDC Says Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective This Season

Public health officials were surprised last year when the dominant strain of circulating flu mutated after the flu vaccine had been formulated. The current version looks like a better match.
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Maryland Gears Up For Medical Marijuana

Two years after Maryland legalized medical marijuana, the state is preparing to issue the first licenses to grow, process and dispense it.

Asian Countries Have Nordic Berry Fever, And Finland Can't Keep Up

Japan, China and South Korea have discovered bilberries, lingonberries and cloudberries, which grow wild in Lapland. Exporters want to find a way to cultivate them to better control the supply.

10 Charged In New York Over Synthetic Marijuana Operation

The men were charged for manufacturing and dealing the illegal drug known as "spice." Federal authorities say they plan to charge more distributors to crack down on a nationwide public health crisis.