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States Fund Pregnancy Centers That Discourage Abortion

A growing number of states are giving public money to crisis pregnancy centers. But the centers are unregulated, and abortion rights groups accuse them of coercing women with misinformation.

College Rape Case Shows A Key Limit To Medical Privacy Law

A woman who is suing the University of Oregon for mishandling her rape case could have her own medical records used against her in court. Yes, that's legal.

Mad Cow Research Hints At Ways To Halt Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

Corinne Lasmezas began her career studying a disease that destroys the brains of cattle. Now she's using what she learned to search for drugs that can stop human brain diseases.

Do Parents Nurture Narcissists By Pouring On The Praise?

Telling your kids that they're superfabulous encourages narcissistic thinking, researchers say. And that doesn't bode well for their future happiness. Better to recognize effort and say, "I love you."

Supreme Court Sends Birth Control Case Back To Appeals Court

The court has ordered a federal appeals court to take a second look at Univeristy of Notre Dame's challenge to the birth control mandate in Obamacare, including opt-out rules for religious groups.

To Head Off Trauma's Legacy, Start Young

Two Philadelphia medical clinics support parents to help break generational cycles of trauma and abuse. Attending to adversity, doctors say, gives kids a better chance to grow up healthy.

Many Unaccompanied Minors No Longer Alone, But Still In Limbo

Many of the thousands of youths who arrived in the U.S. in 2014 now live with family, awaiting hearings on whether they can stay. But finding legal and mental health assistance remains a challenge.

Proper Sanitary Pads Are Keeping Girls In School

Teenagers in a Ugandan village would skip school every month because they didn't have sanitary pads. A new project called AFRIpads is starting to solve that problem.

For Young People In Rural Areas, Suicide Poses A Growing Threat

Young men are twice as likely to die by suicide if they live in rural areas rather than cities, and that disparity is widening. Lack of mental health services is a factor; access to firearms is, too.
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Maryland Bill Would Help Secure Fertility Coverage For Lesbian Couples

A bill active in Maryland's General Assembly would ensure that lesbian couples would be treated equally by health insurance companies when they apply for fertility coverage.