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The Ebola Outbreak: 'A Dress Rehearsal For The Next Big One'

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is spreading at a frightening rate. To find out why this outbreak has been so deadly and what may lie ahead, we spoke with science writer David Quammen.

U.S. Sees A Spike In Number Of Insured, But It Depends On The State

The number of people with insurance in the U.S. is rising, according to a poll by Gallup. The poll shows that states that ran with the Affordable Care Act saw the largest reductions in the uninsured.

Ebola Photographer Introduces The West To Outbreak's Victims

Audie Cornish talks with freelance photographer Tommy Trenchard, who has been shooting in Sierra Leone the last two years. He offers an on-the-ground account of the Ebola virus outbreak.

Health Law Calls For Automatic Enrollment Of Some Workers

As early as 2015, firms with more than 200 employees may have to automatically enroll their workers in a company health plan. Though workers can opt out, some still find the provision patronizing.

Why Fat Grizzlies Don't Get Diabetes Like We Do

Before hibernating, grizzly bears get fat fast — but they don't get metabolic problems like diabetes. Understanding how fat bears stay healthy could lead to better treatments for humans.

Doritos Inventor's Grandson Sees Dollar Signs ln Healthful Food

Tim West's grandfather was an executive for Frito-Lay, and the 30-year-old entrepreneur grew up on junk food. But he now wants to shake up the food system with healthful, sustainable eats.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreads Across Southeast Asia

The most effective drug we have against malaria is losing its potency in Southeast Asia. Doctors can still cure most forms of the disease, but it takes longer and more medications.

Why U.S. Hospitals Are Testing People For Ebola Virus

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ordered health care providers to test recent travelers at risk for Ebola virus. So far none of those tests have come up positive.

Fighting Genital Cutting Of British Girls: A Survivor Speaks Out

Her family said they were going on a vacation. But Nimco Ali was taken to a woman who performed genital mutilation. Now Ali is helping the more than 100,000 girls in the U.K. possibly at risk.
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Maryland State Officials Conduct Ebola Drill

With an ebola outbreak fully occupying the attention of health officials in West Africa, officials in Maryland are testing their preparedness for such an outbreak.