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Insurers And Austin Mayor Promote Obamacare To Texas Latinos

It's no secret that most state and federal legislators in Texas aren't fans of Obamacare. But insurers and Texan cities are successfully marketing plans on without the state's help.

Cancer Patients And Doctors Struggle To Predict Survival

After being diagnosed with cancer, people often ask one question first: "How long do I have?" Doctors usually overestimate the time, and patients often don't understand it's a range, not one number.

Better Bath Rituals Is One Way Bangladesh Is Saving Its Newborns

Babies need a lot of help. And they don't always get it in low- and middle-income countries, where child mortality rates are high. A Bangladeshi doctor tells how his country is making strides.

In West Africa, Fewer New Ebola Cases But Epidemic Still Uncontained

Robert Siegel speaks with Brice de le Vingne, director of operations dealing with the Ebola outbreak for Doctors without Borders.
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Montgomery County Not Affected By Measles Outbreak — For Now

Having the 17th largest public school system in the country, Maryland's Montgomery County leads to a higher possibility of a case of measles just through sheer numbers. But that hasn't occurred yet.

Son's Rare Cancer Leads Family On Quest For Cure

When a child falls ill with cancer, many of the drugs that might help are either experimental or unapproved for use in kids.

Time's 'Person Of The Year' Is Feeling Kind Of Lost

A newly returned "Ebola fighter" tells why she didn't feel like a hero when she got back. Instead, she felt lost, beset by Ebola dreams and virtually a prisoner in her own home.
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D.C. Council Holding Public Hearing On Pot Legalization

A public hearing with the D.C. Council today will outline plans for the taxation and regulation of marijuana sales in the District.


Harnessing The Immune System To Fight Cancer

Our immune systems constantly fight off disease — protecting us from colds, flu and infection. An experimental treatment called immunotherapy is helping patients' immune systems fight off cancer.

Billions Go To Victims Of Disaster And Disease. Does It Really Help?

Ground Truth is a new group with a simple yet revolutionary way of figuring out if disaster relief works: Ask the victims.