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Meet The Tiny Critters Thriving In Your Carpet, Kitchen And Bed

Dust mites, gall wasps and book lice don't bite, but they might make you wheeze. Scientists found about 100 types of arthropods wiggling or munching skin flakes in typical homes. Take a look.


State Insurance Mandates For Autism Treatment Fall Short

Most states require insurers to pay for autism treatments. But that hasn't done much to get therapy to children who need it, a study finds. It's important to get treatment as early as possible.
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Competing Political Visions For America’s Coal Workers

Coal mining companies in Appalachia have been steadily laying off workers and closing down. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders promise to bring new economic opportunities to the area. Donald Trump says he can revive the industry: Join us to discuss competing visions for America's coal workers and the future of the region.


When Time Behind Bars Cuts Addiction Treatment Short

Most inmates lose access to medication-assisted treatment for addiction once they're incarcerated. Among prisons and jails that do offer such treatment, it's often restricted to pregnant women.

Fighting Zika Is About Protecting Pregnant Women, Fauci Says

Officials ask for $1.9 billion to fight Zika but no funds have been allocated yet. Renee Montagne talks to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Why The FDA Is Re-Evaluating The Nutty Definition Of 'Healthy' Food

Under current rules, foods containing more than 3 grams of fat per serving can't call themselves "healthy" on labels. But that excludes many foods, like Kind bars, that contain healthful nuts.

Peggy Girshman Gets The Last Word On Health Journalism

Veteran NPR editor Peggy Girshman, who died in March, wrote her own eulogy, which included personal health advice and tips for better journalism. The eulogy was read at a memorial service Saturday.

Does Putting On A Few Pounds Help You Cheat Death?

We're told that it's important to keep body mass index below 25. But a study finds that for the lowest risk of death, the magic number has inched up to 27 — in the "overweight" category.

NIH Announces Leadership Shake-Up At Renowned Research Hospital

Following a string of safety lapses, the National Institutes of Health is making changes at its Clinical Center, the world's largest research hospital.

What Kenya Can Teach The U.S. About Menstrual Pads

Political pressure is the reason for Kenya's progressive policies — with credit to female leaders as well as some men who have taken on the issue.