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Surgery Helps Some Obese Teens In Battle To Get Fit

Three years after bariatric surgery, more than 200 severely obese teens studied had dropped about a third of their weight and improved their metabolism, heart health and self-esteem.

Cholera Crisis: A Neglected Disease Is Back In The Headlines

Cases are spiking in the Middle East and in East Africa. Blame it on the refugee situation — and the weather.

Did The Language You Speak Evolve Because Of The Heat?

People speak very differently depending on where they live, and the climate and environment might have something to do with that. Crisp English consonants don't carry well in the rain forest.

Weight-Loss App Doesn't Help Young Adults Shed Pounds

We love apps. We'd love to lose weight. So weight-loss apps sound like a win. But tech-savvy young adults using an app didn't do any better than those trying to control weight the old-fashioned way.

Should Human Stem Cells Be Used To Make Partly Human Chimeras?

The National Institutes of Health has issued a moratorium on funding work that puts human stem cells into nonhuman embryos. The concern is that hybrids might develop human brain cells, sperm or eggs.

Mexico's Supreme Court Ruling Paves Way For Precedent On Marijuana Legalization

Mexico's Supreme Court has issued the first of six rulings that could enable legalization of recreational marijuana use. Relatively few Mexicans consume it, but Mexico produces much of the pot used in the U.S.

Authors Retract Study That Says Sadness Affects Color Perception

It's the kind of oops no scientist wants to make. But the researchers who published a paper saying that watching sad movies makes it hard to perceive the color blue now say they erred.

Stereotypes About Teens Can Undermine Parents' Confidence

Parents often feel less equipped to deal with raising teenagers than they did when those kids were tiny, but teens don't behave that much worse than younger children, researchers say.

How One Woman Changed The Way People Die In Mongolia

When Dr. Odontuya Davaasuren saw how much her father and mother suffered, she was determined to bring palliative care to her homeland.
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The Gym Desert East Of The Anacostia

If you live in one of the D.C. neighborhoods that feels like it has a yoga or spinning studio on every other block, you might be surprised to find out that there are no private gyms in Wards 7 or 8.