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In Puerto Rico, Health Overhaul Gets An Incomplete

The U.S. territory implemented an unusual version of the Affordable Care Act. Insurers must offer coverage to everyone. But there's no mandate for people to buy it, and there are no subsidies to help.

To Get To Zero Ebola Cases, It'll Cost A Lot: Roughly $1.5 Billion

A new U.N. report lays out how much money is needed and where it should go — everything from transportation for contact tracers to cash incentives for health care workers.

To Get Parents To Vaccinate Their Kids, Don't Ask. Just Tell

The way a pediatrician talks with nervous parents about vaccines may determine whether the child gets immunized or not, a study suggests. Asking "What do you want to do about shots?" doesn't work.

Being With People Like You Offers Comfort Against Death's Chill

Iggy Ignatius bet that immigrants from India would long to live with other Indians in his Florida condos. He was right. Psychologists say intimations of mortality make us want to be with our own kind.

A Rap Star And A Therapist Fight Female Genital Mutilation

They each were cut when they were young. As outspoken opponents of the practice, they're accused of going against their religion. (They're not.) And of being brainwashed by white women. (Also untrue.)

What Microbes Lurk In The Subways Of New York? Mysteries Abound

Think expedition to the rain forest, but one where you'll need a MetroCard to get around. The microbial life of the New York subways turns out to be as rich, odd and confounding as the city itself.

Measles Vaccination Rates: Tanzania Does Better Than U.S.

A map from the World Health Organization reveals something interesting: Many poor countries have higher vaccination rates than rich ones.

Canadians Have A Right To Assisted Suicide, High Court Says

The Canadian Supreme Court said the existing ban denies people the right "to make decisions concerning their bodily integrity and medical care" and leaves them "to endure intolerable suffering."

Officials Predict More Measles Cases After 5 Babies Are Diagnosed In Illinois

Because the Chicago-area patients are all under a year old, they can't be vaccinated. Saying that more cases are likely, a Cook County health official warns, "The cat is out of the bag."

Critics Say Ebola Crisis Was WHO's Big Failure. Will Reform Follow?

The World Health Organization failed to respond quickly and effectively to the outbreak in West Africa. Now the agency is proposing a new structure. But change could prove difficult.