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Ebola In The Air: What Science Says About How The Virus Spreads

Turns out, Ebola is transmitted through the air, but it's not very good at spreading through the airborne route. What in the heck does that mean? We dig into the science to clear up the kerfuffle.


Doctors Warn That Soft Bedding Puts Babies At Risk

Pediatricians have been telling parents for years that soft bedding, such as pillows and blankets, raises the risk of suffocation for babies. But many parents don't seem to be paying attention.

Broken Hips: Preventing A Fall Can Save Your Life

Twenty percent of people who fall and break a hip after age 50 die within a year, and women are at greatest risk. But you can reduce the odds of falling. Here's how.

German Government May Say 'Nein' To After Work Emails

In a country that strives to protect work-life balance, there are calls to ban employers from sending work email after business hours. Some big companies are already doing that.

Campaign Rallies Resume In Liberia, Raising Uncertainty Over Ebola Risk

In Liberia's capital, Ebola precautions are easing and people are gathering again in crowds to hear speeches for upcoming elections. But some say it's too early for Liberia to let its guard down.

Workers Brave Militant Attacks To Vaccinate For Polio

Those who vaccinate children in Pakistan risk their lives. Correspondent Philip Reeves tells NPR's Rachel Martin that the Taliban is gunning down health workers, who are suspected of being spies.

For Some Uninsured, Simply Signing Up Is A Challenge

Leaburn Alexander works two jobs and has a monstrous commute. There's no wiggle room in his budget to pay a health insurance premium — and no time even to meet with an enrollment counselor.

In 'Disaster City,' Learning To Use Robots To Face Ebola

A Texas training site prepares first responders to deal with emergencies like earthquakes and bombings. The facility is now turning to outbreaks like Ebola, and smart machines may play a key role.

School District Pays For Health Care But Can't Get Itemized Bill

Large employers like the Miami-Dade school district pay for employees' health insurance, but are often forbidden from knowing how much providers charge and insurers pay for care.

What Should You Do If A Fly Gets Into Your Anti-Ebola Goggles?

Under ordinary circumstances, you'd swat that pesky fly. But the problems of daily life take on monumental scale in an Ebola treatment unit. Here's a guide to dilemmas and solutions.