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Kids' Drawings Speak Volumes About Home

A first-grader's quick doodle can tell researchers plenty about what's happening — or not happening — at home.

Medicine's Subtle Art Gives A Man The Chance To Breathe Again

When Bob Smithson could no longer breathe on his own and surgeons wanted to operate, his doctor decided to take a chance on a different treatment. That decision gave Bob another chance at life.

Old And Overmedicated: The Real Drug Problem In Nursing Homes

Way too many residents of U.S. nursing homes are on antipsychotic drugs, critics say. It's often just for the convenience of the staff, to sedate patients agitated by dementia. That's illegal.

When It Comes To Day Care, Parents Want All Children Vaccinated

Parents have strong opinions about vaccination, a poll of parents done by the University of Michigan finds. Most want day care centers to require that children are up to date on their shots.

If Slow Is Good For Food, Why Not Medicine?

Industrialized medical care drives up costs and leaves doctors and patients frazzled. Now some doctors are trying a more deliberate and mindful approach to the practice of medicine.

The Decreasing Loneliness Of The Indian Long-Distance Runner

Our India correspondent used to say she'd only run if a tiger were chasing her. Now she's a jogger in New Delhi — and finds that many former non-runners are joining her in parks and in races.

Idris Elba Plays A Soccer Coach Out To Crush Ebola In New Ad Campaign

The British actor and a group of African soccer stars have teamed up with the CDC in a new public health campaign. The message: Ebola "is not an ordinary game. This is life or death."

Delivering Health Care To The Uninsured For $15 A Pop

How do you get dental care or new glasses when you don't have insurance and you live hours from medical facilities? Usually, you don't. A documentary tells the story of a group trying to change that.

Liberian President's Ambitious Goal: No New Ebola Cases By Christmas

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf hopes to have no new Ebola cases by Dec. 25. But with the virus popping up in remote places and crossing over from neighboring countries, the battle is far from over.

Why Did Vitamins Disappear From Non-GMO Breakfast Cereal?

When GMO-free cereals landed in supermarkets, some vitamins had mysteriously vanished from them. But these vitamins don't necessarily come from genetically altered organisms.