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To Avoid Intestinal Distress While Traveling Overseas, Skip The Ceviche

It has many names: Montezuma's Revenge. Delhi Belly. But the things that keep you healthy here (like washing your hands) turn out not to be that helpful against traveler's diarrhea. Here's what is.

Sharing Art Helps Medical Students Connect With Dementia Patients

It's easy to spot what Alzheimer's patients have lost — memory, communication skills and more. But a study that sent medical students and dementia patients to art classes opened new vistas for all.

HIV Prevention Pill Remains A Tough Sell Among Gay Latinos

Lack of knowledge about the drug, and stigmas attached to sleeping with men and to perceived promiscuity, are major barriers to PrEP treatment. The costs and side effects are also concerns for many.
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How Higher Health Insurance Rates Could Affect Consumers

Some health insurance companies are proposing to raise their rates sharply for 2016. We look at what industry consolidation and higher rates could mean for the American consumer.


Untangling The Many Deductibles Of Health Insurance

Some people wind up having to pay hospital deductibles on top of other medical deductibles. But those do not apply to outpatient procedures.

Grandparents Step In When Parents Get Hooked On Opiates

Thousands of grandparents in Massachusetts are having to raise their grandchildren, in many cases because the parents are addicted to opiates. The process is fraught with tension.

In A Florida County, Overdose Epidemic Is 'More Like A War'

Manatee County, on Florida's west coast, has seen a huge jump in heroin overdoses this year. NPR's Melissa Block talks to Michael Dunn, a fireman in Bradenton who responds to overdose calls daily.

Straighten Your Hair Without Frying It? Engineers Are On The Case

Heat can turn curly locks into a sleek 'do — and can also damage hair permanently. Engineers at Purdue are figuring out how hot is just hot enough when it comes to wielding that flat iron.

Women, There's A Reason Why You're Shivering In The Office

Air conditioning standards are based on the needs of a 155-pound man. Researchers say it's time to admit that women don't need to be chilled as much and crank up the thermostat.

Your Pill Is Printing: FDA Approves First 3-D-Printed Drug

The company that makes Spritam says the 3-D-printed pill dissolves quickly, even at the highest doses.