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Sneak Peek At The Ebola Diaries: A Doctor Opens Her Heart, Journal

For six weeks, an American doctor blogged almost every day while volunteering at an Ebola treatment center. Her writings offer a rare look into a world we've only gotten glimpses of.

New Dietary Guidelines May Lighten Caution Against Cholesterol

New dietary advice is on its way. A panel of top experts — appointed by the federal government — is expected to update recommendations on what we should be eating. And one thing on the mind of the panel is dietary cholesterol. Americans have been told for decades to limit cholesterol-rich foods, but advice may be changing.

Even 'Proper' Technique Exposes Nurses' Spines To Dangerous Forces

What exactly is happening to nurses' backs when they move and lift patients? NPR's Daniel Zwerdling teamed with scientists for a high-tech look inside his own back as he tried the same maneuvers.

The U.S. Helped Beat Back Ebola — Only Not In The Way You Might Think

The deployment of troops to build treatment centers and train health workers didn't pan out as planned. But as most of the troops are being withdrawn, it is clear the U.S. still made a difference.

Panel Says Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is A Disease, And Renames It

"Systemic exertion intolerance disease" might not fall trippingly off the tongue, but an Institute of Medicine panel says it better matches the symptoms. The disease, it says, is real.

Kayla Mueller's Death Underscores Risks For Aid Workers Abroad

Humanitarian groups say the world is more dangerous than it was 15 years ago. How can they keep their staff safe in places of turmoil?

White House Reaches Out To Uninsured Americans, Jarrett Says

The deadline to sign up for health coverage for 2015 under the Affordable Care Act is Sunday. Renee Montagne talks to presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett about the looming deadline.

The 50 Most Effective Ways To Transform The Developing World

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has pinpointed the tools with the greatest impact, from affordable tablets for schoolkids to an electrical grid in a box.

What Causes Breast Cancer? These Families Want To Help Find Out

Many things raise the risk for cancer, including exposure to various toxins and radiation. But our knowledge about the range of chemicals and compounds that can trigger cancer is limited.

Know Your Exposure: A Cancer Quiz

Throughout life we are subjected to many things that can affect our risk for developing cancer. Take our quiz to learn more.