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A Bed Of Mouse Cells Helps Human Cells Thrive In The Lab

Researchers have developed a powerful method for growing human cells in the laboratory that has led to some unusual findings. Cell tests suggest a malaria drug might work against cervical cancer.

Lawyers Try To Fight Death Penalty With New PTSD Understanding

A 66-year-old Vietnam vet is due to be executed next week for the 1998 murder of a deputy sheriff in Georgia. There's no question that he shot the officer thanks to a grisly dashcam video. But the man's lawyers say PTSD and mental illness were not taken into consideration at sentencing.

Kids May Not Benefit From Extended Isolation After Concussions

New research suggests isolating children with concussions for more than two days may do more harm than good compared to adults.

From Paleo To Plant-Based, New Report Ranks Top Diets Of 2015

The caveman way of eating ranked near the bottom of a list of 35 diets ranked by medical and nutrition experts. The winners? The Mediterranean-like DASH and the plant-centric Ornish eating plan.

Many Insurers Don't Cover Drugs For Weight Loss

Despite the intensifying efforts to turn back the obesity epidemic, Medicare and many private health plans are reluctant to pay for four medicines approved to help people shed pounds.

Tight Control Of Type 1 Diabetes Saves Lives, But It's Tough

Keeping blood sugar under control reduces the risk of early death for people with Type 1 diabetes, a study finds. But keeping that tight control can be hard, even for people with good health care.

Teaching Nurses How To Speak Up — And Speak Gently

In all parts of the world, nurses deliver most of a patient's care — especially in countries with limited medical resources. But who will train these nurses? Partners in Health has a plan.

Bariatric Surgery Cuts The Risk Of Death Years Later

People considering weight-loss surgery haven't had much evidence on long-term risks or benefits. A study finds lower death rates after surgery, even for people who were older and less healthy.

Medicaid's Western Push Hits Montana

After sitting out the first full year of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, lawmakers in Montana are now talking about a limited expansion.

Going Dry: The Benefits Of A Month Without Booze

Even a brief breakup with alcohol can impart measurable health rewards, a small but intriguing experiment suggests. Indeed, the concept of a dry January is gaining traction in the U.K.