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A Texas-Size Health Insurance Mandate For Heart Tests

A Texas law signed by Gov. Rick Perry made it mandatory for health insurers to reimburse patients up to $200 for CT scans and ultrasound tests to look for heart trouble. Texas, it turns out, is No. 4 in the nation when it comes health insurance mandates.
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Free Family Planning Services For Maryland Women

As many as 35,000 Maryland women could qualify for free family planning and other health services.


Fluoride In Drinking Water? No Thanks, Says Florida County

Public health officials say the evidence is solid that fluoridated drinking water helps protect teeth. But that hasn't stopped opponents from lobbying local governments against the practice.

The Pill: Not Just For Pregnancy Prevention

Among the reasons for using oral contraception other than the most obvious one are reducing cramps associated with periods, regulating periods, which for some women can prevent menstrual-related migraine headaches.

Meeting Child Victims' Needs After Sexual Abuse

In the wake of high-profile child sex abuse scandals, the public often focuses on the accused. Victims and their needs often draw far less attention. Experts who work with young victims explain how children respond to abuse, and what treatment options can help them cope with the aftermath.