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Md. Committee Hears Medical Marijuana Testimony

In Maryland, a joint House committee is hearing testimony for a bill to legalize medical marijuana. The O'Malley administration is not supporting the measure.

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Measles Exposure Alert Issued In D.C.

D.C.'s Department of Health is issuing an alert for a possible measles exposure earlier on Feb. 20 to Feb. 22.

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Virginia Sees Drop In Heart Attack Mortality Rates

According to the latest state numbers, more than 1,800 fewer people died from heart attacks in 2009 than in 2000 in Virginia. The latest data show an even bigger improvement among women.

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Activist Urges Renewed Efforts On AIDS

Doctors and diplomats will descend on the District next summer for the AIDS 2012 International Conference. And when they do, activists hope D.C. will be more of a beacon of hope than a cautionary tale when it comes to AIDS treatment.

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Free Dental Care In Maryland

A dental practice in Laurel, Md., is offering free emergency dental care Saturday for patients who can't afford it.

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Va. To Be First State To Regulate First-Term Abortion Clinics

Passage of a bill to do regulate clinics that offer first-term abortions followed lengthy debate in the Senate and a rare tie-breaking vote by Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.