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DIY Bedbug Extermination Can Make You Sick

Some people are taking bedbug control into their own hands, buying and administering pesticides in their homes. But a report from the CDC that dozens people have been sicked from overusing or misusing the chemicals.

Why Skipping Salt Is So Hard To Do

A recent survey by the Food Marketing Institute of more than 2,000 shoppers nationwide shows that shoppers are more concerned with prices than nutrition now, which may bode poorly for companies developing low-sodium products.

To Die Or Not To Die From Spontaneous Combustion

An Irish coroner says a man died from spontaneous combustion — the stuff of obscure legend and pop culture obesession. We ask a forensic pathologist whether spontaneous combustion is even possible.

Silence From Rep. Bachmann As Vaccine Challenge Expires

A bioethicist says Rep. Michele Bachmann was not able to meet his challenge and produce evidence linking the HPV vaccine with mental retardation.

Farmers And Ranchers Reach Out To Talk To Consumers

After years of avoiding sticky topics like antibiotic use in livestock, an industry-initiated dialogue aimed at transparency, nobody things it will resolve all the controversial issues. But it's a start.

Virus As The Cause Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Shot Down, Again

Chronic fatigue syndrome is by all accounts a difficult illness – there's no known cause and consequently no test to detect it. Though a series of recent studies have shown there's no link with the XMRV virus, some advocates insist more research on it is needed.