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The Seamy Side Of The Human Tissue Business

Body-stealing cases like that of Michael Mastromarino illustrate how an industry built on altruism can fall into the hands of the greedy.

Health Care Is An Advantageous Topic For Candidates

Even though the Supreme Court declared the Affordable Care Act constitutional, voters in battleground states remain polarized about the law. But a new NPR survey finds there are signs that the gap between opponents and supporters has become a little smaller.

A Majority Of Voters In NPR Poll Favor Amending, Not Repealing, Health Care Act

More people still oppose the Affordable Care Act, but a narrow majority favor amending it rather than repealing it. The poll also shows President Obama with a 2-percentage-point lead over Mitt Romney, although they're even among voters from 12 battleground states.

Prostate Cancer Surgery Shows No Benefit For Many Men

A study of more than 700 men with prostate cancer found no difference in rates of death among men who had their prostates surgically removed compared to those who didn't. The findings suggest that men with low-risk cancers could forgo surgery.

HIV Cure Is Closer As Patient's Full Recovery Inspires New Research

After Timothy Ray Brown became the first person to be cured of HIV, scientists became more optimistic that they could find other ways to cure patients. Two of the most promising possibilities include a vaccine and gene therapy that would re-engineer the immune system.