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Virginia Governor Backs Down From Ultrasound Bill

After protests, the GOP governor asked legislators to revise a bill that would have mandated an invasive procedure before a woman could have an abortion. The bill had become a political liability for Bob McDonnell at a time many see him as a potential GOP vice presidential candidate.

Law Student Makes Case For Contraceptive Coverage

A Georgetown law student made her case for mandatory insurance coverage for birth control in front of a panel of House Democrats. A week ago she was prevented from testifying before a Republican-controlled committee.
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Virginia 'Personhood' Bill Tabled Until 2013

A controversial bill that would defined "personhood" in the Commonwealth of Virginia as beginning at conception has been tabled by the state senate after having passed the committee.


NBA Hall-Of-Famer Beats Prostate Cancer

Oscar Robertson is considered one of the NBA's greatest all-time players. He was diagnosed with stage three prostate cancer a little more than a year ago. He's now cancer-free and wants to raise awareness about screenings. He speaks with host Michel Martin about why many men may be afraid of getting tested.

Flu Bug: Missing In Action

It's been an unusually late and mild flu season this year, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many people have gotten their flu shots, which seems to be helping. But there's still time for the flu to break out.

Why Is This Year's Flu Season Off To A Slow Start?

Researchers say it might be because of the more temperate weather, or the nature of the flu strains now in circulation. It's been around for a year or two so a lot of people have already been exposed, and have built up a natural immunity.