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New Rankings Are County-By-County Health Snapshot

Check out the latest County Health Rankings to see, among other things, which areas have the highest and lowest rates of education and income levels, as well access to medical care and healthful foods.

Mammograms May Lead To Breast Cancer 'Over-Diagnosis,' Study Finds

Norwegian scientists say as many as 1 in every 4 cases of breast cancer doesn't need to be found because it would never have caused symptoms or death. They also question a fundamental justification of mammography: that it finds more cancers when they're early and more curable.

Medicare Boosting Coverage For Mental Health Issues

Medicare now covers screening for depression without any cost-sharing when patients visit their primary care doctor. That's a big deal, because the condition often goes undiagnosed in the elderly.

As Health Care Giants Merge, Pharmacies Aren't Happy

Express Scripts and Medco Health Solutions provide prescription drug benefit services to more than 1 in 3 Americans. The FTC says their union won't stifle competition in the industry, but community pharmacy groups are furious.

Most Americans Are Getting Enough Vitamins, CDC Says

Americans do pretty well at eating enough vitamins and minerals, according to the latest figures from the CDC. But some groups aren't getting enough of nutrients like vitamin D, iron and iodine.