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Babesia In The Blood? There Should Be A Test For That

There's no test for a malaria-like parasite that has sickened people after blood transfusions. A recent report of illnesses tied to donated blood demonstrates the need for an assay, an American Red Cross researcher says.

The Psychology of 9/11, Ten Years Later

Immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks, many first responders and other victims received psychological care. Ira Flatow and guests look at the psychological effects of 9/11, and what researchers have learned since then about caring for victims of psychological trauma.

How To Find Out If Your Doctor And Drugmakers Are In A Relationship

Financial interests have the potential to influence what your doctor decides to do or prescribe for you. ProPublica has a fresh data you can mine to find out if your doctor gets money from drugmakers.

Medicare Chief Turns 65 And Qualifies For Coverage He Oversees

Medicare Administration Dr. Donald Berwick will now eat his own health insurance cooking. He started signing up for coverage earlier this week and hopes to have his Medicare card within a few weeks. He said he's getting no special treatment in the application process.
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Va. Gov., Jeff Gordon Team Up To End Hunger

Virginia Governor McDonnell, the AARP of Virginia, the Central Virginia Food Bank and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon have launched a statewide effort to help the hungry, as part of this weekend's 9/11 commemorations.


Hair Straightener Contains Dangerous Chemicals, FDA Says

The Food and Drug Administration is taking issue with the claim that "Brazilian Blowout" hair straightener is formaldehyde free. But the maker of the popular product says it is still safe and meets government standards.