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Promising Drought Relief In Somalia Threatened?

A drought in East Africa pushed millions toward starvation this year. The U.N. says relief efforts are paying off, with some areas of Somalia no longer seeing famine. But relief may be undermined by political instability and threats from the militant group al-Shabab. Guest host Tony Cox checks in with Jeffrey Gettleman of The New York Times.

Bush Meat: When Conservation And Child Nutrition Collide

Bush meat has been a critical part of the Malagasy diet, warding off anemia and malnutrition. The challenge: Balancing the needs of local people in cases where tasty wildlife is also critically endangered.

Here Comes The Judge: A New Prescription For Medical Malpractice

One approach tried in New York that expedites settlements in medical malpractice cases is expanding, and many policy experts and participants in the process believe it has promise.

Selling Water, Health Care In The Developing World

Healthpoint Services says it has a business model that will not only help the world's low-income populations — but also make a profit. Based in India, the company offers patients videoconferences with doctors, cheap diagnostic tests and clean water. And it hopes to spawn imitators as it proves it can be profitable.

Farm-Fresh Food May Have Shaped The Modern Mouth

Easy-to-chew foods like rice and corn may have influenced the evolution of the human jawbone. New research says it may also help account for the fact that children in the United States often need to have braces because their mouths can't accommodate their teeth.

California Republicans Quietly Embrace Medicaid Expansion

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the No. 3 Republican in the House, has made it clear that he wants President Obama's health overhaul law repealed. But conservative lawmakers in his hometown of Bakersfield, Calif., and elsewhere in the state are expanding insurance coverage for low-income adults.