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Taming High Health Costs Takes Taming High-Tech

Two economists doubt accountable care organizations, a key tool for improving costs and quality under the federal health overhaul, will be able to temper the medical system's lust for the latest expensive technology. Costs and quality of care are are at stake.

Lung Cancer Pill Holds Promise For Those Who Pass Test

Only people with lung cancer that tests positive for a particular genetic variation are candidates for treatment with Pfizer's twice-a-day cancer pill called Xalkori. Most of those who qualified in clinical tests saw dramatic shrinkage of their tumors.

Uninsured Largely Unaware Of Benefits Coming From Overhaul

A new poll finds that only half of uninsured people are aware that help is on the way from the federal health overhaul. Fewer than a third say they think the law will help them obtain health insurance.

Even If Chocolate Doesn't Ward Off Heart Disease, It's Still Yummy

Chocolate still isn't proven to prevent heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. But people who eat a lot of it are less likely to have those health problems, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal. The fat and sugar in chocolate treats may negate any health benefits in chocolate.

Bird Flu Flies Again, Prompting UN Advisory

The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization warned of a "possible major resurgence" of H5N1 influenza, including a mutant virus that appears to be unfazed by available vaccines.

Pediatricians Put The Kibosh On Boxing For Kids

Pediatricians should strongly discourage parents from letting their kids box and suggest sports that don't encourage intentional injuries, a new policy statement says.

Think You're An Auditory Or Visual Learner? Scientists Say It's Unlikely

Researchers say there's no evidence to support the widely held belief that there are distinct visual, auditory and kinetic learning styles. Though an industry has sprung up around the idea, psychologists recommend other approaches to help kids retain information.

Simple Things To Do To Lessen Back-To-School Stomach Bugs

When it comes to packing lunches for school, keeping hands and counters clean is probably the most important tip. Also, putting a bottle of hand sanitizer in kids' backpacks is a good idea.

Where Generations Of Soldiers Healed And Moved On

The last doctors and patients are leaving Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which is closing after more than 100 years of reshaping military medicine. For patients like Lt. Tyson Quink, the historic hospital is where he's rebuilding his body, and his life.

Desperation Grips Children In Horn Of Africa

Famine is driving Somalis out of the country by the tens of thousands. Many are seeking shelter in Kenyan refugee camps. Humanitarian agencies are facing intense pressure, and medical staff are receiving malnourished children. Aid is getting through, but the U.N. says more money is needed. NPR Foreign Correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton speaks with host Michel Martin.