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Organic Isn't Always Safer When It Comes To Botulism

An outbreak of botulism linked to organic Italian olives makes it clear that even food that sounds pristine can harbor deadly pathogens. Organic foods may be more vulnerable to some pathogens because of the way they are grown. Food processors fight botulism with heat, salt, and acid.

Why HPV Vaccination Of Boys May Be Easier

The idea that teenage girls might have sex is hard for many parents to accept, complicating the case for HPV immunization. For boys, sex is almost expected, so there may be less resistance to their vaccination.

Second Thoughts On Medicines For Babies Who Spit Up

Even though some popular heartburn medicines haven't been approved to treat babies, the medicines are being prescribed as a remedy for spitting up. Another option: modifying Mom's diet to make her breast milk more palatable.

Increasing Medicare Age Could Lead To Higher Costs

Proposals to increase Medicare's eligibility age to 67 from 65 have been gaining traction in Congress, and there's little doubt that the shift in health insurance coverage would reduce federal spending. But some experts say the costs could shift to employers and state governments, and actually cause an increase in overall health spending.

Do People Pick Super-Sized Portions To Boost Their Social Status?

People opt for bigger food portions when they're feeling powerless, according to new research. And when they're told that tiny portions are prestigious, they go small. That may be one reason why super-sized portions are so alluring, and why waistlines are bulging.

Public Health Innovators On The Silver Screen

The first FastForward Health film festival aimed to start new discussions about nutrition, patient care, and community wellness. The organizers hoped to show that storytelling and art could be empowering for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Peering Into The Brain, But At What?

Modern brain-imaging techniques have given researchers an unprecedented level of detail about the structure of the brain, but are they any closer to puzzling out how the brain really works? Harvard neuroscientist Jeff Lichtman talks about the limitations of brain imaging, and the challenges of trying to use imaging techniques to decode the brain's behavior.