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Wanted: Specially Designed Tools For Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgeons often have to improvise the tools of their trade, because surgical instruments are not often designed specifically for children. Some surgeons are teaming up with engineers to try to change this.

Does Tylenol Worsen Asthma For Kids?

Researchers have long known that aspirin can be risky for children who have asthma. Now some researchers are pointing to data that suggests acetaminophen could be a problem, too.

What's The Cure In The Race Against Breast Cancer?

The number of deaths from breast cancer has gone down, but the rate of new cases remains about the same. One family has had three generations of women survive the disease. A two-time survivor in that family sometimes hears, "There's so much money that's given all the time, why can't they find a cure?"

Medics In Training: Treating Soldiers In Transit

Among the thousands of U.S. military men and women still fighting in Afghanistan, many will have their missions cut short by serious injury. Quickly airlifting them out of the war zone requires teams of specially trained medical personnel. Cheri Lawson of WNKU spent the day at a Cincinnati, Ohio, hospital where the rigorous training takes place.

Careful With That Fire, Drinking And Litter: 70 Years Of The Ad Council's Advice

Created during World War II, the Ad Council has launched one iconic public service announcement after another, from Rosie the Riveter to Smokey Bear. The nonprofit organization turns 70 on Saturday; what better way to celebrate than to take a stroll down memory lane?

Fight Over Contraceptive Coverage Heats Up In Court

Belmont Abbey College alleges that rules requiring no-cost contraceptive coverage for women violate its Catholic mission. The administration has countered that the college's health plan isn't affected by the health law anyway.