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Religious Groups Want Relief From Birth Control Mandate

Some religious groups want exemptions from federal requirements that they cover prescription birth control in their health plans. But backers of the rules say the changes proposed by the opponents would render the mandate meaningless.

Rising Health Costs Lead Companies To Drop Part-Time Benefits

Wal-Mart may be setting a new trend by slashing health care for part-time workers. ATC host Robert Siegel chatted with John Rother, president of the National Coalition on Health Care, about the issue.
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Man At Center Of Feeding Tube Debate Dies

A Frederick man who was at the center of controversy about whether his feeding tube should be removed died Wednesday before a hearing that would have decided his fate.


In Kansas, Politics Over 'Obamacare' Strains Policy

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback, who has vowed to fight the new federal health care law, sent back a $31.5 million federal grant to start modernizing computer systems. Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger says the governor is betting that the new health law will be repealed — and she worries it's not sound policy.

Study: Regular Drinking Appears To Boost Breast Cancer Risk

A study that looked at the drinking habits and development of breast cancer in more than 100,000 nurses found those who drank more had a small but detectable increase in breast cancer compared with those who drank less.

Secret To A Long, Healthy Life: Bike To The Store

Even if people used bikes to run short errands than half the time, it could save more than 1,100 lives a year in 11 Midwestern cities, thanks to reduced air pollution and improved health. That's the word from scientists at the University of Wisconsin, who figured people would bike 4 months out of the year.