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Help For 'Tubies' In Jefferson City, Mo.

The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation was started in 2010 and aims to educate and support parents of tube feeding children.
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Respecting The Heat In High School Sports

Growing concern over sports practices in extreme heat is changing the look of high school team workouts this summer and fall. Kojo explores new rules on when student athletes can wear full padding and when they need an ice bath to cool down.


Planting Good Ideas In New York, N.Y.

Darryl Burnette, a professional chef, spends about 10 hours a week at Harlem Grown, a nonprofit that promotes urban gardening and good nutrition among school kids.

An Anthropologist Walks Into A Bar And Asks, 'Why Is This Joke Funny?'

Graduate student Robert Lynch is on a quest to deconstruct our built-in instinct for humor, and find out why making people laugh could be important to the way we've adapted to survive.
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Medicare Lawsuit Against Baltimore Hospital Dismissed

A judge has ruled in favor of a Baltimore hospital, clearing the facility that had been accused of over-charging Medicaid, Medicare, and another federal government healthcare program. 


Experts Fear Whooping Cough Vaccine's Shield Is 'Waning'

A study from Australia finds that the current vaccine for whooping cough wanes more quickly than expected, which may be helping to fuel the epidemic that's been plaguing the West Coast of the U.S.