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Does Milwaukee's Campaign Against Sleeping With Babies Go Too Far?

Eleven babies have died while sleeping next to adults this year in Milwaukee. The city's health department has started an anti-bed-sharing campaign aimed at preventing more infant deaths, but critics say the grim images demonize parents rather than educating them.

GOP Governors Hedge Bets On Health Insurance Exchanges

Thirteen states are receiving $220 million in a new round of grants to help them set up health insurance marketplaces under the health overhaul law; nine of those states are headed by GOP governors. Seven of those governors are part of a multi-state lawsuit challenging the health law.

A Dissolving Fruit Sticker That Claims Soap Superpowers

A young designer has invented a sticker for fresh produce that turns into soap and removes wax, pesticides, and dirt. While food safety experts say the product could help reduce waste, it may not clean produce any better than water.

India Eye Care Center Finds Middle Way To Capitalism

Founded in the 1970s in India to eliminate needless blindness, Aravind Eye Care has grown to 4,000 beds in seven hospitals — and its surgeons are among the most efficient in the world. The hospital system conducts 300,000 surgeries a year, and about half are free.

With Help, Teens Can Manage Epilepsy

Though epilepsy is a serious condition, it can be managed. Parents of teens with epilepsy share tips for helping their children lead full, independent lives.

Test Results: Too Important To Wait For A Doctor's Call

Patients, who've generally been schooled in their doctors' passive "don't call us, we'll call you" approach to medical care, need to snap out of it and start taking an active role in making sure test results get communicated both to them and to other doctors when necessary.