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Contraception Provision Sets Off Firestorm

The Obama administration reaffirmed its position that certain religious institutions have to provide health coverage that offers free contraception. U.S. Catholic bishops are vowing to fight this rule in Congress, in courts, and in churches. Host Michel Martin speaks with Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times.

Advocates Say Flu Vaccine Should Be Mandatory For Health Workers

A voluntary approach to flu vaccination of health care workers has fallen short. To protect patients, vaccination should be mandatory, consumer and business groups said in Washington. They back a requirement for annual vaccination of all health workers with only limited exemptions.

Addicts' Brains May Be Wired At Birth For Less Self-Control

A study of cocaine addicts finds that they have abnormalities in areas of the brain involved in self-control. And these abnormalities appear to predate any drug abuse.

As Komen Defends Itself, Planned Parenthood Rakes In Substitute Funds

A top official reportedly quits to protest the decision of the breast-cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure to yank funding from Planned Parenthood. The women's health organization says it's already collected most of the $680,000 it lost.

Researchers Say Malaria Deaths Are Twice The Official Count

If the new numbers are right, it means there's little chance that malaria deaths can be cut to near-zero by 2015, just three years from now. That was the goal set last year by the World Health Organization.

Billboards Slather On The Guilt With Anti-Cheese Campaign

A sensational new billboard in Albany, N.Y., wants to scare people away from cheese. Its creator, a physician turned health activist, says Americans should abandon cheese altogether to prevent obesity.