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Be Here Now: Meditation For The Body And Brain

In his book Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World, Oxford University clinical psychologist Mark Williams talks about the brain and body benefits of mindfulness meditation, a cognitive behavioral therapy that can be as effective as drugs at staving off recurring bouts of depression.

Synthetic Windpipe Transplant Boost For Tissue Engineering

Surgeons in Sweden replaced an American patient's cancerous windpipe with a scaffold built from nanofibers and seeded with the patient's stem cells. Lead surgeon Dr. Paolo Macchiarini discusses the procedure and the benefits of tissue-engineered synthetic organs.

How Tears Go 'Pac-Man' To Beat Bacteria

Each tear you shed contains an army of enzymatic Pac-Men, ready to chase down and gobble up germs before they infect the sensitive tissues around your eye. Now scientists have found just one molecule of the germ-fighting enzyme is a potent defender.

Dissolvable Tobacco Products Draw FDA Scrutiny

Supporters of the product say they help quit smoking. Opponents maintain it's a gateway to cigarettes. Both groups are making their case to the Food and Drug Administration, which is studying the flavored melt-in-your-mouth products.

Spot Quiz: Name The Health Issue That Affects 1 In 5 Americans

A new report from the federal government says 20 percent of Americans have this health condition each year. Do you know which one it is?

New Restrictions On Abortion Almost Tied Record Last Year

The 69 new laws limiting reproductive rights in 2011 were one short of the record set in 1999. And action is already heating up for 2012, with several states looking at "personhood" ballot amendments, which define life as beginning at fertilization.