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D.C.'s Black Churches Take Steps In AIDS Fight

HIV/AIDs has taken a disproportionate toll on the black community in Washington, D.C. Although the disease still faces a stigma in the faith community, pastors and advocates say things are much better than they were in the past.

How To Make Condoms For Women Fashionable

How do you get women to rethink condoms made for them? Advocates are trying a fashion show and the world's longest chain of paper dolls at the international AIDS meeting in Washington. Female condoms are the only contraceptive initiated by woman that protects against HIV infection.
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Fight Against AIDS Spills Into D.C. Streets

Activists took to the streets on Tuesday, marching to the White House to call for an increase in government resources to combat the scourge of AIDS.


Researchers Renewing Focus On AIDS Cure

For much of the 31-year story of the AIDS epidemic, it was virtually taboo to use the word "cure." Now, after decades of focus on prevention and treatment, Deeks and other researchers say that it's time to put new emphasis on the search for a cure.

Hold The Ice: Rhetoric Gets Hot Over New York's Big Soda Ban

At a public hearing today, the opponents to New York Mayor Bloomberg's proposed big soda ban are saying the government is too involved in personal health decisions. But the mayor is determined, and the ban is likely to be approved by the board of health in September.
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Pleasure Project Brings Safer Sex Discussion To AIDS Conference

An educational, advocacy organization for safer sex wants to revive a discussion for this topic at the International AIDS Conference.


Needle Exchanges Often Overlooked In AIDS Fight

Few strategies to prevent HIV infection are so effective, or so thoroughly proved. Yet needle exchanges aren't offered in some places that have been hit hard by the virus. In the U.S. there is pressure on funding that raises concerns the programs could be curtailed.