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Catholic Groups Fight Contraceptive Rule, But Many Already Offer Coverage

Catholic bishops are lobbying the Obama administration to change new regulations requiring most employers to offer prescription birth control at no cost as part of their health insurance plans. They say it violates their religious beliefs, but many Catholic universities and hospitals are already providing such coverage.

Obama Embraces 'End of AIDS,' Promises To Accelerate HIV Treatment

Many activists praised President Obama's plans to expand U.S. efforts to fight AIDS at home and abroad. The announcement comes at a time when experts and activists believe that the goal of an "AIDS-free generation" may be achievable.

How World AIDS Day Began

Melissa Block speaks with Jim Bunn, president of Global Health Communications and one of the co-founders of World AIDS Day, about helping to create one of the longest running public health campaigns.

Obama Calls For An Expansion Of AIDS Funding

On this World AIDS Day, President Obama is calling for a modest expansion of U.S. efforts to fight the disease both at home and abroad. To reduce waiting lists for AIDS drugs in the U.S., Obama is calling for $50 million of more funding. He is also setting a goal of 6 million more people on HIV treatments worldwide by 2013. But critics say the effort falls far short of what's needed.