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More Vaccines Come Without Copays, Unless You're On Medicare

The federal health law makes it easier for most people with private insurance to get recommended vaccines without a copay. But the changes don't apply to people covered by Medicare.

Can Counseling Complicate Your Security Clearance?

People seeking government jobs that require security clearance must disclose any therapy they've received over the last seven years — even for sexual assault. Experts say the requirement, known as Question 21, is discouraging people from applying for the jobs — and from seeking help.

Two Mutations Can Transform A Swine Flu Virus

An influenza virus that only infects pigs could very quickly lead to a dangerous flu pandemic in humans, a recent study reports. Results of an experiment in ferrets, a model for flu in humans, suggest that a swine flu virus can mutate into a contagious and fatal disease within 10 days.

Heavy Teens Eat Less But Weigh More Than Their Thinner Peers

Overweight teens eat fewer calories than their thinner peers, a new study says. So why do they weigh more? Researchers suspect a drop-off in exercise in the tween and teen years may be one reason.

Vaccine For Dengue Fever Shows A Glimmer Of Hope

In a study with about 4,000 Thai schoolchildren, a vaccine for dengue fever works well against some strains of the dengue virus. But the overall level of protection was lower than hoped for. The results suggest that a vaccine for dengue fever can be developed eventually.

Mitt Romney's Shifting Stance On Health Care

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said Sunday that he might not want to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act after all. He said he supports the provision that assures people with pre-existing health conditions can get coverage.