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Connecticut Considers Letting Health Aides Give Medicines To Homebound

The state legislature is now mulling a change to allow trained home care aides to administer medications to Medicaid patients while working under a nurse's supervision. If the proposal becomes law, it could save the state a bundle.

Timing Of Birth Control Coverage May Differ For Students, Profs

Students aren't employees, and student health plans are generally individual policies that the students buy on their own, even if they're offered through the college. So mandatory coverage of birth control for students shouldn't be delayed past August, but it could take longer for the faculty, advocates say.

The Fine Line Between Grief And Depression

For years, therapists and medical professionals avoided diagnosing major depression in people who have just lost a loved one in what's known as a "bereavement exclusion." But a new proposal for the American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual would eliminate that exception.

Metal Hips Prone To Early Failure

Metal-on-metal hip replacements fail at faster rates than other types of devices, a new study confirms. People should get regular checkups if they've had a hip replacement, doctors say.

As Cholera Season Bears Down On Haiti, Vaccination Program Stalls

There's enough vaccine to treat the 100,000 Haitians who have signed up for it. But a government mix-up and a local radio station's incendiary report put the project on hold just a few weeks before the earthquake-ravaged nation's rainy season begins.

Death By Bacon? Study Finds Eating Meat Is Risky

People who consumed about one serving of red meat (beef, pork or lamb) per day had a 13 percent increased risk of death, compared with those who were eating very little meat, a study found.