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LSD Gets Another Look As Alcoholism Treatment

A rigorous analysis of data from studies conducted decades ago suggest that one dose of the hallucinogenic drug could help people stop drinking. It's the latest work to call for further research on therapeutic use of hallucinogens.

For Kids In Japan, Adjusting To A Changed World

A year after the earthquake and tsunami that killed almost 20,000 people in northeast Japan, schoolchildren are moving on, but have not forgotten. The students and their teachers talk about the effect the quake and its aftermath has had on them.

A Workout Can Change Your DNA

Reporting in Cell Metabolism, researchers write that when people who lead relatively sedentary lives worked out the DNA in their muscle fibers changed almost immediately. Scientists also found caffeine had the same effect on isolated rodent muscles. Study co-author Juleen Zierath discusses the DNA modifications.

FDA: Skin-Lightening Creams Pose Mercury Threat

Some skin-lightening cosmetics contain dangerous amounts of mercury, the FDA warned consumers. Though illegal to sell in the U.S., the foreign-made products are popular in communities where fair skin is considered a mark of beauty.

Forget The Robots: Venture Capitalists Change Their Health Care Investments

As biotech investments and medical device development falters, hospitals are turning to other avenues to help cut costs: streamlining billing systems and investing in simpler medical products.

Women Who Drink Moderately Have Lower Stroke Risk

Women who drink just a bit have a lower risk of stroke than women who don't drink at all, according to a new study. That helps untangle confusion on whether drinking puts people at risk of stroke.