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Heart Failure Lands Fewer Seniors In Hospital

A decline in the admission of Medicare patients to hospitals for treatment of heart failure saves at least $4.1 billion a year, a new study finds. Better treatment of coronary artery disease and high blood pressure may help explain the decline.

Abbott Unveils Breakup, Plans To Settle Alleged Marketing Misdeeds

The same day that Abbott Labs announced it's splitting in two, the company disclosed it's also putting aside a big pile of cash to cover a settlement of allegedly illegal marketing of the seizure drug Depakote.

IQ Isn't Set In Stone, Suggests Study That Finds Big Jumps, Dips In Teens

A new study documents significant fluctuations in the IQs of a group of British teenagers. The findings bolster the theory that the IQ test isn't a measure of a person's "fixed" intellectual capacity but rather, a gauge of acquired knowledge that progresses in fits and starts.

FDA Probe Points To Cantaloupe Packing Plant As Source Of Listeria

The outbreak of listeria in fresh cantaloupe has been blamed for at least 25 deaths and 123 illnesses in 26 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Casualties have slowed since September, but the outbreak is far from over, officials say.

Teens' Sexual Attitudes Affected By TV And Mom

Teenage boys and girls who watch a lot of TV shape their attitudes toward sex differently. Mom may have something to do with that, according to a new study.

'Serving Life': Facing Death, Inmates Find Humanity

Tell Me More continues its series on aging and the end of life by exploring a film about maximum-security prisoners who voluntarily care for ill and dying fellow inmates. The documentary Serving Life is narrated by Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker and directed by journalist Lisa R. Cohen.