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Ditch This Massager, If It Shows Up Under The Christmas Tree

Clothing, hair and jewelry can get tangled up in the ShoulderFlex massager's rotating parts. And that's a recipe for trouble, the Food and Drug Administration says.

Lack Of Autopsies After Elderly Die Conceals Health Flaws

Many jurisdictions have stopped doing autopsies on people who died over the age of 60, unless it was obvious that a violent death occurred. A lack of resources, both financial and staffing, is often blamed.

After 25 Years In Woman's Stomach, A Pen Still Writes

A British woman who saw a spot on a tonsil tried to get a better look using a pen and a mirror. She slipped and the pen went down her throat. Nobody believed her. Now that the pen has been removed they do.

Patients Want To Read Doctors' Notes, But Many Doctors Balk

Patients have the legal right to see their doctor's notes, but actually getting them can be slow and expensive. Two new surveys say patients overwhelmingly want to read the notes. But doctors are much more dubious about the benefits of giving patients a window into their thoughts.

How Do You Hold Mentally Ill Offenders Accountable?

Mental health and law enforcement officials in California are wrestling with that question as violence at the state's psychiatric hospitals continues to escalate. They are trying to determine how to hold violent mental patients accountable for their actions without punishing them for being sick.

Many Police Officers Are Sleep Deprived, Risky For Them And Us

A study of nearly 5,000 police officers in the U.S. and Canada finds 40 percent had sleep disorders. These sleepy cops had a greater likelihood of having sleep apnea, a disorder with big health implications. They were also much likelier to fall asleep while driving.