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Analysis: Landmark Health Overhaul Gets Barely A Mention

When it came to health, what was most surprising was how little President Obama had to say in his State of the Union address.

Common Chemicals Could Make Kids' Vaccines Less Effective

Researchers found that children whose blood contained high levels of chemicals used in nonstick coatings and stain-resistant fabrics were less responsive to vaccination. The finding suggests, but doesn't prove, that these chemicals may make some children more vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Your Brain On Psilocybin Might Be Less Depressed

Magic mushrooms remain popular at music festivals. But scientists say their mind-altering effects might help people with depression. Happy memories are stronger in people tripping on psilocybin, a new study finds, while brain areas overactive in depression are reined in.
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Congressman Proposes Late-Term Abortion Ban In D.C.

A ban on abortions of fetuses over the age of 20 weeks in D.C. has been proposed by Republican Trent Franks, over the objections of those in D.C. advocating home rule.


State Bill Outlaws Use Of Fetuses In Food Industry

An Oklahoma Senate bill that prohibits "the manufacture or sale of food or products which use aborted human fetuses" has some folks scratching their heads, and wondering if it's real.

Hospitals Take Page From Frequent Traveler Programs

To attract and keep new patients, hospitals are offering a range of special benefits, including free or low-cost health screenings and educational sessions on diet and exercise. There's also free valet parking for a lucky few.