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Indian Engineers Build A Stronger Society With School Lunch Program

The program, which is run by engineers, currently feeds 1.3 million children, making it one of the largest school lunch programs in the world. The program is so cost-effective it's become a Harvard Business School case study.

Doctor Blazed Trails For Women In Medicine

Dr. Leila Denmark worked as a pediatrician in Georgia for 73 years until she retired at the age of 103. She died this week at age 114.

Spotting Dyslexia May Be Possible Even Before Kids Learn To Read

Children with dyslexia have problems with visual attention in kindergarten, according to new research. This could lead to helping children with dyslexia long before they learn to read.

No Need For The Knife? Antibiotics May Suffice In Some Appendicitis Cases

A team of researchers in the U.K. say antibiotics might be an effective alternative in uncomplicated cases of acute appendicitis. But there's concern that symptoms may show up later.
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Cutting Back on Unnecessary Medical Tests and Procedures

A number of medical and consumer groups make the case less is better: a new effort to encourage doctors and hospitals to cut back on routine medical tests.


New Type Of Resistant Malaria Appears On Thai-Burmese Border

Malaria parasites resistant to the last, best drug treatment, called artemisinin combination therapy, or ACT, are infecting people along the border of Thailand and Myanmar. And it arose independently of the resistant malaria found in Cambodia. Now health workers face a two-front war.

Some Jews Say Bugs Have No Place At The Seder Table

Some Orthodox rabbis say that if you're keeping to the spiritual interpretation of what is kosher, you've got to get the bugs out of your vegetables.