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Thalidomide Maker Apologizes After More Than 50 Years

More than a half-century after a German drugmaker took thalidomide off the market because of birth defects, the company said it was sorry. The occasion was the dedication of a memorial to the victims near the company's headquarters. The sculpture features a girl with malformed feet and no arms.
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New CDC Recommendations For Hepatitis C

Baby boomers make up 75 percent of hepatitis C cases in the U.S., but many don’t know they have the potentially deadly virus. How to better identify and treat hep C.


Tax Breaks For Organ Donors Aren't Boosting Transplant Supply

The tax incentives are intended to defray the organ donor's cost in medical care, travel and lost wages. By federal statute, it's illegal to pay someone for the organ itself. But the modest breaks available in some states haven't made a dent.

Against The Odds, A 'Miracle Boy Grows Up'

Ben Mattlin was born with a condition called spinal muscular atrophy. Many infants with the disease don't live past age 2, but Mattlin went on to attend Harvard, get married and have kids. "I had this dumb idea from childhood that I could do anything anybody else could do," he says.

Yosemite Visitors Warned Of Hantavirus Outbreak

Some tourists hoping to visit Yosemite National Park are changing their plans due to the recent outbreak of hantavirus. State health officials say two people have died and another four were infected after visiting the park this summer. There are questions about whether the park should have warned visitors sooner about the risk.
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First Death From West Nile Reported In Maryland

The first case of a death resulting from the West Nile virus has been reported in Maryland today, one of the 13 people who have been infected in the state this year.


Small 'Button Batteries' Pose Big Risks For Kids

An estimated 40,400 kids under 13 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for battery-related injuries from 1997 to 2010, according to an analysis just out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Introducing Microgreens: Younger, And Maybe More Nutritious, Vegetables

Researchers have conducted the first scientific analysis of nutrients in trendy seedlings known as microgreens. They found that most microgreens have higher levels of nutrients than their mature counterparts.