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Medical Marijuana 101: You Can't Smoke That On Campus

Even in states where medical marijuana is illegal, it's still not OK on college campuses. That's because marijuana remains illegal under federal law, and colleges don't want to jeopardize their federal funding by letting students use their prescription pot on school grounds.

Many Americans Say Doing Taxes Is Easier Than Eating Right

More than 70 percent of respondents say they've made efforts to cut back on fats, added sugars and salt, they're trying to eat more whole grains, and they're trying to cut calories by drinking water, and low -or zero- calorie beverages.

Compensating Organ Donors Becomes 'Talk Of The Nation'

There's a persistent shortage of organs for transplantation in this country, and it's getting worse. Federal law bans financial incentives for organ donations. Is it time to reconsider? Some calls and emails from listeners illuminate the range of opinions on the controversial subject.

Happy Feet: Tips For Healthier Running

Have you thought about switching to barefoot running? New York Times exercise columnist Gretchen Reynolds did — and promptly injured herself. She details what she did wrong — and how to keep your own feet healthy — in her new book, The First 20 Minutes.

Dangerous Gut Bacteria Move Outside Hospitals, Infect Kids

Clostridium difficile is a nasty bacterial infection that used to strike mainly older hospitalized patients taking antibiotics. In findings presented at a conference this week, Mayo Clinic researchers say it's now cropping up in communities, and infecting children.