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Penalties For 'Worst' Hospitals Could Hurt Minorities

As Medicare moves to link hospital payments to the costs and quality of care, hospitals that serve large minority populations could get hurt. That's one implication of an analysis that looks at the cost and quality of care given at individual hospitals across the nation.

Undercover School Lunch Blogger 'Mrs. Q' Reveals Herself

It all started when Wu forgot to pack her lunch one day. What she says she saw? "It was barely recognizable as food." Like for example, she found that many chicken nuggets were just 50 percent chicken.

How Does Deployment Impact Soldiers' Kids?

More than four years ago, Melissa Block talked with high school guidance counselor Barbara Critchfield about the effects of long and repeated deployments on soldiers' children. Critchfield worked at Shoemaker High School in Killeen, Texas, the town surrounding Fort Hood. As the Afghan War hits the 10-year mark, Melissa checks back in with Critchfield, who now works at one of Killeen's middle schools.

My Smartphone Is A Microscope. What Can Yours Do?

Physicists have found a way to turn a smartphone camera lens into a microscope and a spectrometer. They say both could be handy for doctors in remote areas with few laboratories who need to look at blood samples.

Tainted Cantaloupes Claim 18 Lives, Sicken 100

Even now, weeks after the suspect cantaloupes were recalled, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautions that there may be more reports of illness to come. The incubation period for listeriosis varies, but it can take as long as two months for symptoms to develop.

Thin Moms And Dads Pass On 'Skinny Genes'

Like mother, like daughter? Turns out, the "inter-generational transmission of thinness" is real. Parental weight strongly influences slimness in children, a study of 7,000 families finds.