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Influential Panel Gives Thumbs Down To Routine Prostate Cancer Test

Routine testing of men's blood to detect prostate cancer is unwarranted, and causes more harm than good, according to findings of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The panel of experts sets the agenda for doctors and, increasingly, insurance payments.

Cantaloupe Recall Due To Listeria Expands To Pre-Cut Fruit Salads

The CDC says that the Jensen Farms-related cantaloupe outbreak has extended to 20 states so far, starting on or after July 31. State and local health departments all over the country are investigating other listeriosis illnesses to determine if they are part of this outbreak.

To Keep Required Insurance Affordable, Start With Price

Starting in 2014, every health plan in the new marketplaces known as exchangeswill have to provide a minimum package of benefits. A report just out from the Institute of Medicine has given federal officials a framework for coming up with that package, but it didn't provide specifics.

Despite His Public Prominence, Jobs Waged Health Battle Privately

Even now, there is more we don't know about Steve Jobs' health struggle than we know. From a rare type of cancer to a liver transplant performed under great secrecy, details about the Apple CEO's illnesses and treatments remained hidden.
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Medical Marijuana Mulled In Maryland

medical marijuana

Maryland's health secretary spoke to a group working to get medical marijuana legalized in the state, and said several academic institutions are exploring the possibility.


Budget Cuts Deal Setbacks To Community Health Centers

This year's budget deal between the White House and Republicans cut $600 million meant for community health centers, or half of what was expected to be appropriated in 2011.