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In US, Hospital Round Trips More Common For Heart Attack Patients

In the U.S., hospitalized heart attack patients go home sooner than in other countries. They are also more likely to return to the hospital within a month of being discharged.

Calories Trump Protein For Weight Loss

People on low-protein diets pack on more fat compared to people who eat normal amounts of protein, a new study concludes. This is bad for health, even if the low-protein folks don't put on as many pounds. Eating more protein may make it easier to keep weight off.

In Tight Times, Medical Schools Market Themselves

Increasingly, academic medical centers are joining elite hospitals in mounting national ad campaigns. Their goals include attracting faculty and students — and more patients. But the results of the marketing campaigns are hard to measure, analysts say.

Study: Weight-Loss Surgery Can Cut Deaths From Heart Attacks, Strokes

Morbidly obese people who had bariatric surgery had fewer heart attacks and strokes than similar people who didn't have the surgery, Swedish researchers found. Even so, a U.S. surgeon cautions that the benefits of the procedure don't necessarily outweigh the risks for many people.

Why A Teen Who Talks Back May Have A Bright Future

Arguments between teens and parents can be a critical training ground for teens to learn how to resist negative peer pressure, research suggests. The best thing parents can do to help their teenager argue more effectively? Listen.