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FDA Tells Weight-Loss Surgery Centers To Pull Misleading Ads

The Food and Drug Administration has warned a marketing company and eight surgery centers in Southern California that their marketing of weight-loss surgery is misleading. Ads touted the benefits without adequately describing the risks.

Facebook Aims To Prevent Suicides With Online Help

Facebook says it will connect people who post items about suicidal thoughts with crisis counselors via its chat service. But the intervention comes with privacy questions. Any information posted on Facebook is public information, and can be used by marketers or anyone else.

Medicare, Medicaid Must Change, Says Former Head

Donald Berwick resigned as administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in December. Berwick explains why he thinks much of the spending in the U.S. health care system is wasted, and the need to reform Medicare and Medicaid to improve coordination of care.

Dirty Little Secret: Almost Nobody Cleans Contacts Properly

You might think you're keeping your contact lenses clean, but odds are you're failing miserably at that. Just 2 percent of people in a new study did a good job at lens care, though 85 percent said they had it all under control. That means a lot of people are at risk of serious eye infection.

Insurers Often Don't Pay For Teen Weight-Loss Surgery

Adolescents covered by Medicaid may have an easier time getting weight-loss surgery paid for. The surgery costs upwards of $20,000 and it's not entirely clear which adolescents would benefit most from it.
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New Study Examines WWI Chemical Effects On NW D.C.

A wealthy NW D.C. neighborhood is the subject of a study that will examine the health effects of a WWI chemical test site buried within -- some residents say the research doesn't go far enough.