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Screaming For Science: The Secrets Of Crying Babies And Car Alarms

Why do screams demand our attention like no other sound? The answer seems to involve an acoustic quality called roughness that triggers fear circuits in the brain.

Webcast: Sports And Health In America

What are the obstacles that keep adults off the field? How can sports help keep kids and adults in good health? What are the best ways to encourage more widespread and enduring participation?

'Consumer Reports' Says Laundry Pods Are Too Risky To Recommend

More than 6,000 incidents involving children and liquid laundry packets have been reported to poison control centers so far this year. The health problems include respiratory distress and vomiting.

The Fall Of A Dairy Darling: How Cottage Cheese Got Eclipsed By Yogurt

Cottage cheese was the yogurt of the mid-20th century: a dairy product for the health-conscious. But it has fallen out of favor, while marketing of — and demand for — yogurt has soared.
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Health Risks Associated With Some Over-The-Counter Pain Medications

Millions of Americans regularly take over-the-counter medicines for minor aches and pains. But the FDA has now strengthened its warning that some of these drugs can be dangerous. We discuss the risks and benefits of non-prescription pain relief medications.


Chicken Owners Brood Over CDC Advice Not To Kiss, Cuddle Birds

The health agency says kissing and cuddling chickens could be contributing to outbreaks of salmonella. But backyard chicken owners aren't about to lay off the birds.

Why We Play Sports: Winning Motivates, But Can Backfire, Too

How we view winning and losing may help shape whether we play sports as adults, some psychologists say. In NPR's recent poll, 56 percent of adults who play sports say winning is important to them.

Should Women Be Able To Treat Bladder Infections Themselves?

It can be pretty miserable waiting to get the urine test when you're sure you've got a bladder infection and just need the antibiotics already. Some doctors think it's time for to let women prescribe.

John Boehner Calls For Probe Of Planned Parenthood After Sting Video

House Speaker John Boehner is calling for an investigation of Planned Parenthood after a sting video alleged the organization sells aborted fetal body parts, which is illegal.

Progress In The Fight Against A Parasite That Causes Diarrheal Disease

Scientists have had a hard time finding the weak spots of Cryptosporidium parvum, but now that's changing. It's not a common killer in the U.S., but it's a different story in the developing world.