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HHS Report Says Obamacare Plans Are Cheaper Than They Look

The deductibles that most people actually pay are much lower than those advertised because of subsidies, according to a report released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
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Interior Secretary Sally Jewell On 100 Years Of National Parks And Challenges Ahead

As the National Parks Service celebrates its centennial year, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell talks with Diane about the future of parks, prioritizing diversity and conservation challenges as NPS looks to create the next generation of outdoor stewards.


Parents Can Help Reduce Pain And Anxiety From Vaccinations

There are plenty of proven techniques that can help parents soothe the sting of the needle. And guess what? A parent's attitude can matter more than the actual pain of the shot.

As Bagged Salad Kits Boom, Americans Eat More Greens

Americans buy twice as many packages of bagged salad greens as heads of lettuce these days. Is the bagged stuff just as good? If it gets you to eat more leafy greens, yes.

Report: Hotline In Lahore Helped Predict Surges In Dengue Fever

Pakistanis were asked to call and report symptoms. That simple plan led to the creation of maps that predicted where the disease would spread.

Obama Renews Call For A 'Public Option' In Federal Health Law

The president made the proposal as part of a comprehensive look at the Affordable Care Act's legacy in an article under his byline in JAMA, the top journal of the American Medical Association.

Sick? People Say They Still Go To Work, Even When They Shouldn't

An NPR poll found that most working adults say they go to work when they're sick. For people who work in hospitals or restaurants that can be a problem, since it's easy to spread disease.

Hassle Of Being A Patient Can Turn Into A Crisis Without Sick Leave

A new NPR poll shows about a third of working adults have no sick leave, even as more people are living with chronic health problems that require regular care.

Work Can Be A Stressful And Dangerous Place For Many

The latest poll on your health from NPR and its partners finds that most people think their workplace is supportive of actions to improve health. But gaps suggest there is room for improvement.

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Barred From Operating Labs For Two Years

Theranos aimed at disrupting the blood testing industry by using only a few drops of blood. But now, regulators say they will bar the company's dynamic CEO from owning or running a lab for two years.