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Pregnant With Cancer: One Woman's Journey

Mary Harris found out she was pregnant the day before she had scheduled surgery for breast cancer. It turns out there is limited data on how chemotherapy during pregnancy affects a baby.

If You Have Dementia, Can You Hasten Death As You Wished?

Margaret Bentley, a woman in British Columbia, didn't want food or liquids if she became mentally disabled. But a nursing home is refusing to stop feeding her, even though she has Alzheimer's.

Taking Stock Of Bone Broth: Sorry, No Cure-All Here

There's an outbreak of bone broth fever in the U.S., with proponents raving about its nourishing and healing properties. But there isn't much in the way of science to back up some of the claims.

Schools Not Keeping Track When Kids Are Behind On Their Shots

California lets kindergartners start school as long as they've had the first dose of all required vaccines. But some schools aren't tracking whether such kids end up getting all the doses they need.

Senegal's Pharmacies Are Much, Much Better Than Your Local Drugstore

When the Senegalese need a diagnosis, they often head to the pharmacy. And the odds are good that the pharmacist who sees them will be a woman.
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Virginia May Soon Expand Medical Marijuana Laws

The Virginia House of Delegates has given preliminary approval to legislation that would allow the use of certain oils derived from marijuana for medical purposes.


Is Now The Time To Fix Rather Than Scrap Obamacare?

Many of the problems with implementation of the Affordable Care Act over the past year and a half are rooted in the complexity of the law. Now, some people say the root causes need attention.

Can Employers Require Workers To Be Vaccinated? It Depends

Even though a disease like measles can spread easily through a workplace, employers often are reluctant to require employee vaccinations. Hospitals are one big exception.

Insurers And Austin Mayor Promote Obamacare To Texas Latinos

It's no secret that most state and federal legislators in Texas aren't fans of Obamacare. But insurers and Texan cities are successfully marketing plans on without the state's help.

Cancer Patients And Doctors Struggle To Predict Survival

After being diagnosed with cancer, people often ask one question first: "How long do I have?" Doctors usually overestimate the time, and patients often don't understand it's a range, not one number.