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Guess Which Country Has The Biggest Increase In Soda Drinking

It's Cameroon, closely trailed by Vietnam and India. Sugary fizzy drinks are making inroads in the developing world.

Obamacare Repeal Would Add Billions to Deficit

A new report adds to the debate over the economic impact of the Affordable Care Act in advance of a much-awaited Supreme Court ruling.

Mexico's Sugary Drink Tax Makes A Dent In Consumption, Study Claims

Few countries or cities have dared to try a "sin" tax on soda, so no one really knows if a tax would actually get people to drink less. Preliminary results suggest that the tax in Mexico is working.

The Neighs Have It: Horse Outruns Man, But Just Barely

The annual Man v. Horse Marathon in Wales sounds like a lopsided contest favoring racers with four feet. But scientists say that Homo sapiens evolved to be incredible endurance athletes, too.

Why Ebola Won't Go Away In West Africa

Over the past few months, case tallies have dipped toward zero, only to bounce back up. Health officials worry the outbreak could never end if people keep hiding cases and dead bodies.

Doctors, Nurses Among 243 Charged In Million-Dollar Medicare Schemes

One doctor alone is accused of causing nearly $23 million in fraud losses, including "over 1,000 expensive power wheelchairs ... that were not medically necessary and often not provided."

Hunting Ways To Keep Synthetic Estrogens Out Of Rivers And Seas

Hormones from medical treatments wind up in wastewater, and that can be a problem. Some scientists think a version of a household chemical, hydrogen peroxide, could be part of the solution.

Worried You Have An STD? This App Helps You Quietly Find Out

Planned Parenthood has an app that offers discreet help for Californians seeking to get tested for chlamydia or gonorrhea.

Chocolate, Chocolate, It's Good For Your Heart, Study Finds

Regular chocolate eaters had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke compared to people who didn't eat chocolate. The researchers say it's more evidence that polyphenols may be protective.

DNA Confirms Kennewick Man's Genetic Ties To Native Americans

The new evidence suggests the ancient skeleton is closely related to members of a Washington state tribe. The findings are likely to rekindle an old debate between scientists and Native Americans.