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Western Hemisphere Wipes Out Its Third Virus

It took 15 years and 250 million vaccines, but this week, health authorities officially declared North America and South America free of rubella — a virus that can cause severe birth defects.

He Carried His Mom On His Back For 5 Hours En Route To Medical Care

The epicenter of the quake that struck Nepal was in the district of Gorkha, a few hours' drive from the capital of Kathmandu. We're just beginning to see the extent of the damage in villages there.

The Doctor Will Video Chat With You Now: Insurer Covers Virtual Visits

Medical consultation via video is going mainstream. UnitedHealthcare says it will cover doctors' visits by live video on smartphones, tablets and computers. Will people overuse it and boost costs?
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D.C. Doctor Shares What She Tells Kids About Marijuana

Legalized marijuana has a way of making kids think it's safe — but medical professionals insist that its effects on developing brains can be significant.


Health System Took Control To Make Joint Replacement More Profitable

Baptist Health System in San Antonio made money doing what used to be industry heresy: reducing patients' use of medical care.

Expanding Medicaid Trims Hospitals' Costs Of Caring For Uninsured

One aim of Obamacare was to ease the financial strain on nonprofit hospitals that provide medical care to people who lack insurance and can't pay their bills. That plan is working, hospitals say.

Small Plague Outbreak In People Tracked To Pit Bull

A woman who caught pneumonic plague in Colorado last summer likely contracted it from her friend or his dog. Antibiotics limited the outbreak to four people and cured them.
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Fake Weed, Real Danger: Poison Control Sees Spike In Calls For Synthetic Marijuana

It's now legal to own, smoke and grow marijuana in the District, but synthetic marijuana is still a problem, especially for local teens.


The Great Success And Enduring Dilemma Of Cervical Cancer Screening

The Pap smear has dramatically decreased rates of cervical cancer, but testing too often has a downside, too. Many women say they aren't yet ready to follow new guidelines and skip the annual tests.

Health Plans Often Fail To Provide Free Coverage For Women's Health

Insurers dispute that notion that the problems are widespread. Consumers and advocates have complained to insurers, and some policies have been changed.