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Spreading The Word: Obamacare Is For Native Americans, Too

Many Native Americans rely entirely on free care from the financially strapped Indian Health Service. Advocates say signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act can broaden their choices.

'NeuroTribes' Examines The History — And Myths — Of The Autism Spectrum

Steve Silberman talks about how Nazi extermination plans and a discredited scientific paper about childhood vaccines shaped our current understanding of autism.

California Moves To Stop Misuse Of Psychiatric Meds In Foster Care

There's ample evidence that children in foster care often get powerful psychiatric medications when other treatments would be safer and more effective. But those treatments can be hard to get.
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Environmental Outlook: How To Build Smarter Transportation And More Livable Cities

A new report says traffic in the U.S. is worse than it's been in years. But some say there are reasons to be optimistic. For this month's Environmental Outlook: How revitalized urban centers and new modes of transportation are changing how we get around our cities.


Why Freezing Didn't Keep Sushi Tuna Safe From Salmonella

Freezing is usually considered a way to make raw fish safer. But a recent outbreak of Salmonella in frozen, raw tuna used in sushi across the U.S. highlights the limits of the food-safety technique.

As More Adults Pedal, Their Biking Injuries And Deaths Spike, Too

Hospital admissions caused by bike injuries have more than doubled in the past 15 years across the country. One doctor thinks the "Lance Armstrong effect" could be a reason for the jump.

Texas Strives To Lure Mental Health Providers To Rural Counties

In a state where 185 of 254 counties have no psychiatrist, how do you get students to want to become one — and then go to work in underserved areas? A loan repayment program may not be enough.

Pope Francis Announces Window To Forgive Women Who Had Abortions

Pope Francis is giving all priests a window of discretion to forgive women who have had abortions. The window is during the upcoming holy year, which will begin in December.

Are Statins Bad For Me? Personalized Medicine Can't Yet Say

Statins made her feel wretched, so she took a DNA test to find out why. But even the doctor with the genetic testing company admits that the test doesn't tell you much more than you already know.

Sleep More, Sneeze Less: Increased Slumber Helps Prevent Colds

Just a couple extra hours can make a real difference, a study shows. Adults who slept only five or six hours were four times more likely to get sick when exposed to a common cold virus.